Formal KnittingHelp Request

Now, I’m not a moderator, but I would like to save them trouble by asking everyone to please use the SEARCH FEATURE to try to find asnwers to your questions. That saves the moderators trouble of having to lock posts that discuss the same topic as others. Thanks! :thumbsup:

:teehee: I take it you’ve noticed that link in some of the mods signatures?


Sometimes us non moderators don’t have time to do a search!!! And want answers quickly :grrr: SORRY!!!

I’m kind of embarased here, I didn’t mean it like that, guys. If you like, I’ll delete the post.

The thing is that even if you don’t have time, that doesn’t change the fact that the posts are a waste of time!
Although, in fact, it is faster to search and read the answers already posted, you will get your answers immediately. If you post, you may not get an answer at all, and if you do it will not be immediately!

There are many posts asking ‘What is ‘gauge?’’ and ‘what is Magic Loop/ 2 circs and where can I find tutorials/can someone explain how to do it?’ when you can find detailed explanations just by Googling, that has always been my preference because it is lazy to ask a question that is explained online extensively! Also faster to find online. Those posts are an extreme, though.

Asking a specific question that has not been answered, on the other hand, no problem - like asking for opinions on subbing wool tension x for one with tension y, or clarification of something where the explanation is still confusing!


Exactly. That’s all I meant.

Your formal or informal request is pretty rude, particularly since you are NOT a mod.

Not everyone is Intenet saavy, or understands algorithms, but I suppose not everyone possesses tact either.

OK, I apologize for my rudeness, and lack of concern. I will ask a moderator to delete the post, I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

:shrug: I don’t see anything wrong or rude by just reminding people that a search tool exist :shrug:

ITA – I think that reminding people about the search feature is very helpful and polite – after all, it serves the fab dual purpose of saving the mods time (combining/moving posts) AND getting posters the answers that they need immediately! What could be nicer? :smiley:

It’s rude, because although I personally understand how search engines work, many people do not and this is a knitting HELP site; why make people feel as if they cannot ask questions? Better yet, why not utilize the PM function to inform a person, rather than risk the potential of “public” embarrassment?

I’m done.

Okay, I asked Ingrid to delete the post, so it will be gone soon. Sorry again.


I did not think contiknitter was rude at all. I think it’s helpful to let people who might not otherwise notice that there IS a search function that might help them to find answers to their questions immediately. I, for one, did not notice the search function at the top of the page right away and assumed for a while that this forum didn’t have one. And I AM internet/computer savvy! :oops:

I reaaally don’t think any harm was meant…

The think I like most about this forum is that the assumption of goodwill is still here…

That’s why I’m here.

:shrug: What can I say? I don’t see how anybody could feel offended by your post, ContiKnitter. I should use the search feature more and I’m actually glad you reminded me to use it.

Thanks, guys.

Maybe I misunderstood your intentions. Please, accept my apology. I should have known there was no malice intended. :muah:

Maybe I misunderstood your intentions. Please, accept my apology. I should have known there was no malice intended. :muah:[/quote]

That’s fine. I really understand where you were coming from. :thumbsup:

I’m glad this is settled. I never saw it as being rude. It was very helpful, and if people don’t understand the search funtion obviously they can post a new topic, it isn’t a big deal. No one is getting mad because people post questions, it was just a suggestion. I’m sure it was just a reminder to those of us who forget or neglect the search function sometimes. Including me! :teehee:

I still don’t understand what we are supposesd to use the search feature for~!! :noway: