Forgotten Increase

This is so frustrating. I’m working on the sleeves for a sweater, and I’m supposed to increase on each side every tenth row. I’m making both sleeves, and I decided to count my stitches on each to make sure I’m all even, only to discover that I forgot one of my increases on one of them. And I think it was close to the beginning where I made this mistake. Grrr!!
I’m well over halfway into them, and I’m wondering if I can just add an increase so they’ll be even, or if I need to just bite the bullet and frog that sleeve.

I’d add an increase–no question. You’ll never be able to tell which one you did it on, really.

You’re knitting both sleeves at once, right? If you omitted the increase on both of them, then add the increase on the same row on both sleeves so you end up with the right number of stitches for the pattern at the end.

In the end, it’s really up to you. You might be a “it’s not worth doing if I don’t do it right” kind of person, but you also might be a “lesson well learned for next time, but I’m going to keep on truckin’ on this puppy.”

Chances are you’re the only one who will ever know there was an error.

Thank goodness. I was afraid that the fogotten increase would somehow make the seams a bit off, and I had no choice but to frog. I’m soooo glad that’s not the case.
Thank you both!:slight_smile: