Forgot to YO on last row

I am doing a lace pattern and in one of my pattern repeats I left out a yarn over. The RS is the pattern and the WS is all P. I don’t think I can go back and fix it - now that I am about to start my Purl side row is there something I can do to replace that missing YO? I know the pattern might have a minor flaw, that’s ok with me at this point - should I do an increase when I get back to where the YO should have been?
The row where I left out the YO is:
K1K2tog,K3,YO,K1,YO(this is the one I left out),K2,SSK,K1;rep
So I am about to purl and then the next pattern row will be:
Any ideas how to move on fairly easily?
Thank you!

When you don’t mind, you can just increase one stitch by the method you prefer (to make up for the lost stitch) on the WS row.

When you get to the spot where the YO should have gone, just pick up the yarn between the 2 sts it’s supposed to be between and purl it.

I’m with Sue.