Forgot to knit last stitch


I knitted my first row. When i turned my needles around to start the 2nd row i noticed i did not knit the last stitch. So now i have a loop without a knit stitch. Hope i am making sense here.

I have to turn my needles around to knit this loop but how do i do that? Is there a video on here to show how to correct this mistake.

Also a friend told me this is a common mistake with beginner’s which i am.

Thank you.

Welcome Anne!

The video on putting the needle back in the yarn if it comes out (located in the Basic Techniques/More section) might help you out on this…

Hope it helps!

Amy, thank you so much for responding. I read your “about me.” enjoying every word. The picture of your family was lovely. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us.

I have been to Amherst many times. My favorite place in the whole world is Nantucket where i spend almost every summer with my daughter.

Thanks Anne!

Do you live far from here?

I love Nantucket. I’ve only been there once, but I remember it well. We flew there in my Dad’s plane, when it was still working (before the “crash”). We picked a lot of blueberries. Actually, I guess I don’t remember it that well, because that’s about all I remember! LOL. That and the airport, because we saw a sort-of celebrity with his plane there. Do you remember the first music-video channel, V66? --It may have been a Boston thing, I’m not sure. Well anyway, we saw one of the VJ’s in the airport, and we were all aflutter. Well, everyone but my Dad, I can’t even imagine him “aflutter.” LOL!


Amy, I live in Michigan. My daughter lives in Brookline Ma. I fly out as often as i can. Usually during the summer months that way i can stay on the Island for awhile. My daughter and i walk for hours around Nantucket looking in amazement at the History and Architecture of homes, etc.

My daughter told me today there is a knit shop right around the corner from where she lives. That will be the first place i visit when i go back.

One of the stores on Nantucket is Claire Murray. My Daughter purchased a Yarn Basket for me there.

Happy Knitting.

I know Brookline just a little bit, having grown up in Cambridge. And we have a family friend in Brookline.

Nantucket sounds like paradise. I picture it like Martha’s Vineyard (which I love), but less crowded and touristy.