Forgot to Decrease

I am knitting the front side of a cardigan sweater. The directions said that after the ribbing dec 2 sts. I forgot to do this. I am almost to the change in the pattern where the sleave hole is formed. Can I make the 2 dec sts there and then just create a larger seam on the inside when I sew the side to the back. If this is not an option I could rip it out I just thought if it might not look that bad to create a larger seam I would do that.

Thanks for any help.


I think I’d leave the 2 stitches and make sure I didn’t decrease on the other side. This way you won’t really have to do anything. You could add 4 to the back if you want to compensate. :think:

You could decrease extra at the armhole, instead, if that’s what you’d prefer.

Frogging all that knitting because of 2 stitches just isn’t necessary under any circumstances. I don’t see how there could be all that much difference.

Since I have never knitted a cardigan I wasn’t sure if it was a big problem. Thanks for the advice!