Forgot how to do my math..sorry

Hi all, I forgot how to make something bigger and keep the pat rep…(umm total brain freeze)…anyway the pat (baby blanket) is CO 116 sts, [B]…Rws 1-6 K across, R7 K4,K12, (YO K2 tog) 6 times, K12, rep 3 more times, K4 R8 K4,P12, (YO, P2tog) 6 times, P12, rep 3 more times, K4…[/B].Rep these 2 rows 7 times I guess I am working with 12 sts? The blanket is to narrow (small) using US 9 sportweight yarn…Thanks

Which part do you repeat 3 times in - R7, K4, K12, (YO K2 tog) 6 times, K12, rep 3 more times, K4? The whole thing after k4? That would make your repeat 24 or 36 sts, not 12, I think.

Oh sorry didn’t use the * It’s at the* [B](YO K2tog) 6 times, K12* [/B]repeat these instructions 3 times, then ending in K4 (border)…I was seeing the number 36 I just can’t figure out how/where to it!!! Thank you

Nope, that would make it a 24 st repeat, so add 24, 48 or 72 sts.

gotcha…but those numbers do not include 4st beg boarder and 4 st end boarder, right? Thanks Suz

Right because the borders are not repeated and neither is the first 12. It goes, border, k12, (yo k - 6 times, k12) repeat that across and end with the border