Forest blanket wrap

This is my blanket wrap. Not really a pattern as I made it up.

I have sent the photo again.


Beautiful stitch patterns. It much have been fun to design and knit with all the variety. Perfect photo for St. Patrick’s Day too!

Yes I wore it last night to my St Patrick Day session instead of the usual boring quilted coat. The shades don’t really all go together well but when you’re buying online it’s difficult and hard anyway even in real life. In fact it seems to be impossible. Anyway it looks good worn with the way it drapes.
I enjoyed trying the different stitch patterns.


That’s darling! Did you make up this pattern or can you tell us the name of it?

Hi Salmonac

Glad you like it!

The pattern for the bunny is in a book called “Bumper Book of Knitting” published by DK ( Dorling Kindersley Ltd.) It doesn’t give designers for the projects but it might be possible to find out.

I have almost finished another project from the book, which is a gorgeous bolero for a small child.



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Thank you for the source. It sounds like a wonderful book.