forearm pain

How do I deal with left forearm pain due to knitting. I knit continental. Seems to happen mostly when I purl. It just recently started. Stopping knitting is not an ideal solution.Thank You. Sasha Chordas

Welcome to KH!
I would recommend looking at videos online to see how other people knit continental. It may help to change or adjust the way that you hold the needles. If you’re knitting tightly, try to loosen up so there is less strain on your hands and arms.
Taking frequent breaks may help too. It could be that you’re knitting for too long a period at a time. You don’t have to give up knitting, just slow down a bit.
I hope you can find a comfortable way for you to keep knitting.

Thank you,

Is the pain near your wrist? I wonder if it’s carpal tunnel? Anyway maybe a wrist/arm brace might help, too.

Thank You Jan,

No it is right in the center of my forearm. I iced it and put on a brace and it seems better. It really only happens when I am purling.


I am a loose knitter, but I do purl tighter and a lot of purling can occasionally bother me. Glad the brace is helping!