For Whom Do You Knit?

Ok, so i know that the holidays are just around the corner and most are frantically making things to give as gifts, but it made me wonder what was the impetus to knit for most members?

For example: I started knitting about 1.5 years ago (marginally) and only seriously knitting about 10 moths ago. Since then i’ve made three baby blankets, 3 baby hats, a baby sweater, booties, a shawl for my sister, discloths for my mom and sister, about 7 scarves for family and friends, etc…

It dawned on me that i haven’t really made anything for myself - not that i mind. I knit because i like it and i :heart: the finished products, but i guess i’d classify myself as a “gift knitter”. I’m constantly finding things i’d like to make for others. I have about 25 projects i’m planning for my lovely sister and have 2 books on baby stuff and have NO children (nor plans for any) of my own, but i have friends who are rapidly procreating! However, I don’t have a strong need to make things for me (i have a few sweater ideas, but i have so many other projects i’d like to finish first).

So my question to the forum is: [color=blue]For whom do you knit? Are the projects you complete for yourself or gifts for others generally?[/color]

Just curious,

So far, just me. Then again, I only started knitting a few weeks ago and I have yet to finish my first project. :smiley: It will be for me though. All the ideas I have in my head are for my son, husband, and other family members. They will all be overloaded with my knitting projects once I get a good hang of this!!

OMG, Ive been knitting for EVERYONE! Each of our friends is getting a handknit birthday gift, and each of our family members for Christmas. And, I am knitting for Howie, because he’s cold all the time. :frowning:

mostly for charity, then most for my family…

and if I do do something for me, I usually give it away.

though I was just thinking that I do need a new hat this winter! :smiley:

edit: gah, that makes me sound like a do-gooder annoying-type person…I do have a scarf I wear a lot that I knitted…and I did just buy a ton of Elsebeth Lavold’s angora for a sweater for me, and you’ll be sure I’m not gonna give THAT away!

I knit mostly for others…which is why I’m keeping my latest scarf (Heart from knitty.) haha.

I knit a lot for DD because baby projects are usually fast (unless it’s the $%^&* seed stitch sweater that I’ve been working on forever), and they’re a good way for me to try new things.

I’m knitting up a bunch of scarves to give tot he women I work with for the holidays.


I mostly knit for anyone but myself. I have made several baby blankets and scarves and dish cloths. If I like someone I will knit for them but only for people that will appreciate it.


My 36th FO was the first I knit for myself. I love knitting kids things because it’s a great way to learn new things without a huge time/yarn commitment…a few have ended up staying home (for my girls) but I’ve given most of them away. That’s one of the reasons I started my blog – so I could have a record of what I’ve done (pictures, pattern modifications, etc).

I knit mostly for myself because I’m still trying new things…and most of m friends are boys and don’t appreciate knitting. My dad keeps asking me when I’ll make him something and I keep saying, “When you decide to start wearing scarves, hats, or mittens.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I knit mostly for myself–especially large things, like sweaters. Hard to figure out sizing for other people, and I don’t want to put so much work into something only to have them not like it! But my family will be getting knitted Christmas presents this year!

I knit for myself mostly. Although, this Christmas I will be giving several family members and a few friends knitted gifts. :smiley:

I create things mostly for me. I do like inventing new things for other people to use. I’m going to crochet some wine bottle cozies here real soon for some friends, but I don’t drink. :smiley:

well i think i really knit for me because i like it so much but the stuff i knit goes to whomever claims it first usually.

Well, soon I will knit only for me, but right now I don’t have much of a choice but to knit something for at least one other person for the holidays. I’m knitting my boyfriend some socks for winter right now. I don’t have a job but I have tons of yarn and arts and crafts supplies. I’m drawing a picture of my parents for Christmas and frankenfurter for my mom… I know this isn’t knitting, but this is what I do for the holidays. My mom wants a shawl, but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. lol Thats just really big.

Funny ya post this, I was just thinking about the very same thing the other day. I have only finished one item for myself, a water bottle holder that I adapted from the SnB Yoga Mat Bag.
Once I realized that, I casted on the ChicKami. I’m still doing chemo caps on the sidelines, in between yelling at the ChicKami. It’s being mean to me. :crying:

Have you tried explaining to it that its behavior is hurtful? :roflhard:

:heart: HUGS, Deni! :heart:

YES, I did. It seems that she’s getting even because I took so long to cast her on.

YUM :heart: :heart: :heart: Elsebeth Lavold Angora!!! If you change your mind on giving that one away, I’d be glad to take it off your hands :wink:

for others… only been knitting since June but have done 3 baby afghans (kept the first for my daughter) a purse for my daughter, a poncho for my daughter, a scarf for my son, a hat for my son, a sweater for my son, 2purses for my mom, a scarf for a friend, have one scarf done for Christmas, working on many more for Christmas… Did make me a fall purse… After Christmas I wanna make myself a cabled hoody but we shall see… My son wants an afghan out of one of the knitting magazines :rollseyes:

I have knit mostly for others with great joy! But I made a very recent decision that it was time to now knit for me & my husband, which is what I am currently doing and will for some time bc I’ve accumulated a long project list and yarn for projects for us and I will admit that it is a LOT of fun to knit for oneself…I had not knit much for me before…it’s FUN :smiley:


YUM :heart: :heart: :heart: Elsebeth Lavold Angora!!! If you change your mind on giving that one away, I’d be glad to take it off your hands ;)[/quote]

heheee! Okay kemp! If I make it too small for me, I’m sure it will fit you then (you skinny minnie, you!)