For those who made the Irish Hiking Scarf

I’m just about done my Irisih Hiking Scarf. Can you tell me about how long you made your scarf? :shrug: I never seem to know when to end. I tend to have super-duper long scarfs.

Super-duper long scarves are all the rage right now :thumbsup:

Seriously, I heard that you scarf should be your wingspan (aka hight) to be the perfect length. I like my scarves a little long, so I make mind about 6 feet (I’m 5’ 2"). Isn’t the Irish Hiking scarf so much fun! It’s not hard but, because of the cables, it’s super easy!

I thought this would be more work but now I don’t want to stop. :teehee: I have the pattern in my head and I just write down a mark for my 8 rows and then start again. It is a GREAT pattern! Keeps me busy in the evenings. I think during the course of the year I’ll ask everyone what their favorite color is so I can make one for everyone on my Christmas list.

sounds like a plan :thumbsup: I only stopped knitting mine because I ran out of yarn. But I’m so making it again! [/i]

I made mine 5 feet long because I was making it for the Red Scarf Project and they requested 5 feet. It took me ages to make because I kept working on other things in between.

Beautiful Scarf. Am I reading correctly that you only cable on the 8th row?


Yes, you only cable every eight rows! :happydance: :happydance:


Wow! I’m going to put one of these in my bags as an easy project. Thanks! :happydance:

I made mine for the red scarf project too but I felt that since it’s kind of a skinny scarf, I’d make it extra long so it could be wrapped a couple times. Mine ended up being about 6 feet.

I am in the middle of mine right now and I am aiming for between 5-6 feet, or whenever the second skein of yarn runs out.

Does anyone happen to have a recommendation for a hat pattern that would go well with it? Some of the cabled hats on the patterns page here look like they would do well.

I’m 5’2 and I also prefer a scarf of about 6 foot. My dh is 6 foot and I’ve decided that for him a scarf needs to be about 7 foot long to look right. So I guess my rule of thumb is about a half a foot to a whole foot longer than the person who plans to wear it.

That really is a fun scarf. Check out the link in my sig to the cable book I’m working from right now–the scarf is cabled on both sides and is absolutely gorgeous!

I have this pattern book and I’m going to be making the fingerless gloves. The hats have three cable rows and they look like they match the scarf perfectly. I highly recommend this book for anyone that doesn’t have it. There are plenty of patterns for the long winters and I love it! :muah:

I just finished the whole scarf. I’m about 5’7" and that’s how long I made the scarf. :eyebrow:

Ok-you have all turned me… I started the scarf today when I got home. I finished, finally, a hat for my DH and told myself that as a reward I could try cables. Since this is the one that everyone seems to be knitting the most, I thought this would be a good one in case something goes horribly wrong :wall: I could :!!!: for help! I did get a bit chicken though and only did the first 7 rows before a breather for the cable row. I will go back to it, I swear :oops:

Congrats on finishing it! :cheering: :happydance: Isn’t it such a fun scarf to make? I finished my first one recently, and I love it! (I wish it was for me, but it’s not :verysad:) … I’m gonna make another for myself soon.
But anyhoo, I loved working on it. It did take a while, though. Longer than I had expected. But that’s all right, because I love how it turned out so much!! It’s such a pretty pattern! :heart: :heart: :drool:
I made mine 4 ft long, because it’s for my grandfather and I don’t think he would like it sticking out of the bottom of his coat.
Well, again, congrats on getting it done! Do you have a digital camera? I’m sure we’d all love to see a pic!

I just knitted till I ran out of yarn. I used 1 skein Caron Simply Soft which is about 315 yards (the skein, not the scarf :teehee: ). I’ve knitted 2 of these scarfs, and would have liked them to be a little longer, but that’s all the yarn I bought for the project, and they were for gifts, so they needed to be finished.
I miss this pattern too, it’s easy and almost comforting to knit it. I’ll be making it again!