For those who have made Tubey

How long did it take you?I am knitting one in some yucky yarn I don’t even like just to make sure I like the shape and fit of the sweater before I buy nice yarn for it so I am just curious how long it took people.

It took me only 2 weeks to knit, but I had a good 4 -5 hours every night plus all day on weekends. I have heard from others knitting this sweater it was around the same time, often shorter depending on the size.

It fit me like a dream. I am a bigger girl, and usually wear an XXL in regular store sizes, and I knit a medium size of Tubey, using Red Heart Soft. I only used 2 full balls, and like not even half of the 3rd ball and it’s very soft.

If you have a larger chest size, I would recommend adding a short row around the chest part, as it tends to cause it ride up a bit in the front, making it look uneven at the bottom, but a short row wrap will fix that no prob.

here are some pics of how mine turned out.

Thanks that looks great.Is it hard to add short rows .I am a D cup and probably need them but I have no idea how I would go about adding them.

short rows are actually really really easy. Amy has a video on them.

Since you can try the sweater on as you knit, it will be easier to gage if you will need the short rows, and if you do, how long you will need to make it.

good luck.

Krystal, that sweater is beautiful, and looks great on you. I’m a larger girl, too, and have been feeling pretty down lately. Maybe I need a new sweater. Do you mind if I ask where you got the pattern?

I’m not Krystal, but it’s a knitty pattern

…and it really does run large! I made it for my BF and she kept insisting that I needed to make the large (at the time she was 12/14-ish I think) and I did do the shrug part in medium then switched to the small instructions for the rest and it was enormous on her. So don’t let the size [I]names[/I] fool you…even if you’re normally a large, you probably aren’t a [I]Tubey[/I] large. Measure carefully and go by your measurements when choosing a size. And remember that it’s all ribbing, which is very, very stretchy.

That’s good to know, because I wear a 16 or a 14 if it’s made on the large side. I was thinking I’d need to make the second largest, or even the largest size, since I’m quite busty.

I wear a 14, but my shirts vary from mediums to extra large or even sometimes 2XL.

My bra size is 36DD.

I hate being fat.

Wahhhh. Maybe I need a new sweater, hmm? lol.

I hope we’re considered average, instead of fat. I mostly wear big t-shirts, because I don’t like my body either, but isn’t 12-16 what the average woman wears. Maybe my info is outdated. I thought it was more about having a healthy body. Small or large. Please don’t feel bad…just knit yourself a sweater, and say “I’m ok the way I am.” lol

From the Knitty Pattern:

[I][COLOR=#ff33cc]Important Note: Be sure to choose a size with a cross-back measurement that is at least .5 inches longer than the width of your back, measured from center of armpit to center of armpit, when your arms are held forward. (Have a friend help you take this measurement!)[/COLOR][/I]
For anyone who has made this, did you take a cross back measurement and how did that come into play when you chose the size of the sweater? My cross back measurement falls into the extra-large size (my actual measurement plus the 1/2 inch larger as the pattern recommends), but from reading this thread, I get the impression if I were to knit the extra-large size, it would end up being way too big for me. My bust size is a 38C, so I could actually knit a small or a medium because it would stretch to accommodate my bust, but according to the pattern the shrug part might not fit across my back. If I were to knit the shrug part as an extra large and the tube part as a medium, would there be a big adjustment in where I place my markers on the shrug for center back, right and left front and right and left corner?

Maybe the answer is very obvious, and maybe I’m missing something, and I’m probably over thinking the pattern, but this is really throwing me for a loop! :whoosh:

My measurements actually matched with the largest size, as I am somewhere between 27-30 [SIZE=1](my measurments and FH measurements, lol coz I don’t trust either of us)[/SIZE] I was intending to knit the largest size too, until I read how large it actually runs.

So I knit the Medium size of the shrug, and tried it on when I started knitting the 2nd sleeve. [SIZE=1](If the back was too small I could easily undo the 2nd sleeve and knit a bit more before starting the sleeve again)[/SIZE] And the shrug fit perfectly, (yarn types may knit tighter or not be as forgiving so that plays a difference) And the ribbed body is VERY forgiving, but really busty gals will definately want to add Short Rows to stop it from riding up. Kinda like the pic below. Mine was like this as I knit it and I figured it would even out when I finished, and it is definitely more even than when it was in progress, but it still rides up in the front.

stolen from the KH Tubey KAL

If you are particularly rolly in your back, I wouldn’t recommend this sweater, as it tends to showcase rolls in the back. I only have a few larger ones so it didn’t bother me as much.

Ohh also, if you didn’t think of it, (I went solid so didn’t need this) but the Jogless Jog is a tutorial so when you knit stripes in the round your colour stripes will line up, and not step.

Thanks, Krystal! :cheering: That makes total sense.

Oh just when I was thinking about knitting Tubey! Krystal, thank you for all the detailed info :slight_smile:

It seems strange that the model is a 36" bust and is wearing an S. I’m 41" and I think I should knit an S too… I normally wear L or sometimes XL.
I would think that if I knit the bigger size shrug and smaller body it will end up bunching and the back riding lower. And if the body is too large (like on the model) then the neck becomes wider. Hmm… once I decide on the yarn and check my gauge I’ll have a better idea.

I am glad my experience is benefitting you. I really enjoyed making this sweater and am planning another one, but I plan on adding some lace details to the arms.

I forgot to add too, if you knit the size M or larger, you can do the sleeves on 16 inch circs instead of DPN’s. I couldn’t find any DPN’s in size 8, so I did the circs and it was great.

So if you really hate DPN’s that is an option for you.

I made this sweater and not knowing that it ran huge I went with the size recomended in the pattern by my back measurement. I think I made a medium. I’m 34 around. It’s so sad, I swim in the thing. Also, pay attention to the width of the shrug on the back part. There was a bunch of extra fabric on the back where the shrug attached to the body.