? For those who have made FT Clogs

For those of you who have made the Fiber Trends clogs, how did you seam the soles? The pattern calls for a backstitch seam, but I’m afraid that would leave a ridge down the middle of the sole. Any recommendations?

I whip stitched mine. They seem to be ok.

I whip stitched the seam then did a very loose backstitch to seam the two soles together

[I] whipstitched mine – the seam pretty much disappears with felting.

I don’t remember what I did, but something easy. There’s no seam.

If you seam it loosely without drawing it to tight, it will not matter how you put it together. It felts right in. Doesn’t look like it but it does:)


Thanks all! Whipstitch it is.

oh yea, no matter what you do it’ll look fine when it felts. Just keep it loose.

I did a loose (and not that careful!) backstitch and there’s no seam. It felts away completely, just make sure whatever stitch you choose is LOOSE. :thumbsup: