For those who don't get snow

It has been coming down all day. We have about 6 inches, and it’s still going.
now i have to shovel:verysad:

WOW! It started out about 80 yesterday and then dropped to the 30’s last night…and I had to sit in it to watch a soccer game (a good one, BTW).

Yeah it was suppose to miss me but it has been comin down all day. I have about 4-5 inches and add that to the weekend’s snow and I am snowed out. My oldest was asking if we could get a blower as we live on a corner and have to maintain the sidewalks on two side. It looks like it is starting slow a bit. Stay warm shovelling!!

Yuck. I’ve always made it a point to not live anywhere one can actually use a snowmobile.

Oh sure, rub it in…:waah:


We got 12 inches of snow yesterday in Montreal! :teehee:

Oooohhh it’s so pretty! I can say that because I don’t have to shovel. :teehee: Seriously though I wouldn’t mind a little snow now and then, just not ALL winter. :wink:

:waah: My hubby may not like snow but I love it!

Ugh, thanks for all the responses guys, but I HATE SNOW. I hate driving in it, I hate shoveling in it, I hate the cold that it brings, I hate falling on my arse in it…
I guess I need to NOT live in the upper midwest, huh?:roflhard:

OOOHHH I LOVE snow and I miss it so much. When I moved to VA I had visions of snow covered mountains etc etc and we get nothin’ !! We’re supposed to get some tomorrow and I am crossing my fingers that upstate NY gets some before I get there next week.
thanks for sharing

Beautiful! We don’t get much snow here, and if we ever do, it only lasts about half a day.

Is it still snowing in the cities? We are still getting some here. I have to say somehow i pictured living here being similar to living in Scotland where I grew up but it is way colder and way more snow. I guess I thought that it would be like there because the lake is so big I thought it would be like being on the coast and inch or two not snow mountain. And of course I had never heard of lake effect snow. Oh well it is pretty from my window where I can sit and knit!

We have actually had a “dry” snow spell here for about 5 yrs, and all of the weather-peoples are so excited because this year looks like a "normal’ MN winter. I was fine with global warming. lol:roflhard:

Goodness! At least I don’t have to worry about “lake effect snow” That is the worst, windiest, coldest, argh snow that I know of!
It did just taper off here about 7pm ct time. Time to shovel:pout:

Lake effect snow is the best for snow mobiling and cross country skiing … and it paid my rent through college hehe. A few of us girls rented a house and the owner was responsible for the lawn and snow removal. Needless to say he didn’t want to have the drive shovelled for us to get out to class so I did it and deducted my time off the rent. Don’t think I paid rent all winter and into spring. Then all summer I deducted for mowing the lawn and keeping up the bushes etc.
I think growing up on military bases where I never got to shovel snow or mow grass I really love it now.

We’ve gotten about the same treatment here in Fargo MulderKnitter. I’m ok with snow. I would take winter in ND over summer in AZ any time. You can only take off so much, at least when it’s cold you can pile on more clothes or hunker down in bed under the covers. :teehee:

I like the snow but don’t like Duluth got socked with alot of snow they even took the buses off the streets.Can’t see anything ,white out conditions.Iv’e been shoveling since last weekend at the rest area I work at.And it’s still snowing nowGood for the tourists who come to ski and snowmoble.Me I prefer

I love seeing snow pix. If it weren’t for pix, I’d forget what snow looks like. sigh If you hate snow, just think about us who will never know what it’s like to wake up to a white Christmas. There, don’t you feel a little better?

I’ve seen snow only twice in my life. Once when it actually snowed in Florida, over 15years ago. And a couple years ago, at 15,000 feet, on top of Snow Bird in Utah… during the summer!

I’m with Silver, I didn’t see snow until ten years ago when it snowed while we were up in Tennessee. I seriously had no idea that snow flakes actually LOOKED like those you see in stores, on ornaments and stuff. I kept telling my husband “look at this one!!”. He grew up in Ohio so it wasn’t as much of a thrill to him. :roflhard:
We had our cold wave last night, it was 54 when we woke up today, I’m thankful for the little things but I’m sure it will be back up in the 80’s by the end of the week.

We woke up to prolly 3-4"… still coming down… my little girl is very excited… wants to go make a snow angel :teehee: …the power has flickered earlier so I’m just hoping we don’t lose power :oo: