For those that have made the Damask bag I need handle help

I made the bag without check what the price was for the handle they were suggesting. Now the powers of the purse strings says no way since it is a Christmas gift for the sil and that is beyond budget. If you used something else could you tell me what?


Ice cream gallon container handles
Wooden dowels- stain or varnish and using eye hooks at the point of connection to the bag.
Stiff materials like wood, plastic that you can take a jigsaw and cut into the same shape

Of course, you’re going to have to cover them with cloth or yarn but they do work.

The sewing industry also has cording in different diameters- 1/2" and up that you can use… it will be flexible but covered with yarn it looks great.

Hope this helps… Mary

Thanks Mary that does help. I am going to see what I come up with this weekend. I want this bag done so I can wrap it and stick it in the closet.

Just curious, Melissa! What’d ya come up with???