For those of you with kids under the age of 6 and they are sick

All 3 of my daughters have a small cold if you can call it that. They just have a annoying cough and some congestion. I called their Dr. to ask about dosage for some over the counter (OTC) meds and they are no longer recommending any OTC cough/cold medications for children under the age of 6. They can have acetominiphen type products for a fever but it does not help for a cough and runny nose.

I just wanted to know what the dosage would be for my 21 month old 33 lb daughter and they could not help me. I try very hard not to give them meds during the day (unless they are have real bad coughing fits), I want them to fight it but at night I figure they need to rest, especially to fight whatever they have. So right now they recommend a bulb syringe, (I cannot see my almost 2 yo or my 4 yo doing that willingly!), a humidifier (the humidity is at 65 and the temp is 67) and a saline wash (see bulb syringe).

I know there is a good reason for all of this but there has got to be a middle somewhere. Here is part of it:

“The FDA reports receiving 54 reports of deaths of children from 1969 to September 13, 2006 that were linked to decongestants such as pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine, and ephedrine. And 69 reports of deaths from antihistamines such as diphenhydramine, brompheniramine, and chlorpheniramine. The bulk of these ER instances including some of the deaths were in children under the age of two and were due to overdoses by using more than one OTC cough or cold product at the same time which contained the same active ingredients.”

I do give my kids cough medicine/cold medicine if they are truly miserable and I can see from experience that it helps them. I have a 5 and 6 year old and have been doing it since age 2 when they get sick. I would imagine if you look at the type of cold/cough medicine you purchase, it will give you dosing instructions on the box/bottle. If not, I would ask the pharmacist at the store for help. As long as you follow dosing instructions and don’t combine medicines, they should be fine. I don’t know if this really helps you at all, but I would check the bottle/box or talk to a pharmacist.

Check out Dr. Sear’s site. He has awesome medication information. :thumbsup:

Have you considered some alternatives to the cough medicine? I tend to avoid OTC meds unless really needed and I have since my kids were babes. My naturopath once recommended Vicks vaporub when my kids had coughs and that and a warm bath before bedtime worked well. A humidifier can also be helpful.

I have also heard that there are studies around that say that OTC cough remedies don’t do much to help anyway.

Here’s one I found: BMJ Study

Hope your babies are feeling better soon.

I have tried alternatives myself for my kids, they have not worked that well. But that is my kids. I would say go for it if they work for your little ones.

I can say that I don’t give my little ones medicine for the sniffles, just cough and if they are really miserable with a fever, otherwise, for just a cold, nothing.

I also found that info hard to come by. This is what you get when you google
That is a pediatric site in utah with all the different meds listed. I also try to stay away from cough/ cold stuff for my ds, but sometimes it is worth trying. Good luck.

My daughter keeps a cold/cough in the winter…we try not to give her much cough meds…the dr recommended a mist humidifer in her room… when she is real bad one of the vaporizer machines where you add it to the water… and vicks on her chest works wonders (prolly already know this but also before you take them outside be sure to wipe the vicks off their chest)…We will give her meds to reduce a fevor and at night to help her sleep better… I’m a nervous parent so I always call the dr and say can I give her this much or what? :teehee:

I just saw on the news that some companies who make the OTC cough/cold meds are voluntarily recalling them from the stores. And the problem is not with the meds, it is with the parents who over medicate their children or who tell other parents to go ahead and give their kid some medication to “knock them out” for a while because they need a break. I have always heard that but have never done that, I just want my kids to be able to get through a night with sleep so they can get better.

I have never given my son cough medicine. Even as an adult, cough medicines such as Robitusin give me a nosebleed, so I was afraid to give my son anything like that, even in children’s form. When he gets a really bad cough, he likes to sip decaffeinated peppermint tea with a bit of honey in it. It helps break up the congestion and since it’s decaf it doesn’t make him jittery.

Another little trick I learned from the last time he had a cold - when they rub their little noses raw from blowing and rubbing with Kleenex, I put a dab of coconut oil on the irritated spots. It helps heal and soothe the skin but it also smells pleasant.

I hope your daughters get to feeling better soon. It’s so hard when the little ones aren’t feeling well.

For my kids I have used decongestants very sparingly, they are now all safely over 6. With my son I used either none or the occassional half dose in extreme circumstances because I was worried how side effects would be for his heart condition. He actually rarely gets sick enough to need anything like that. Rather amazing. For my daughter- she has asthma and has been sick lots! Most of it was before I knew she had asthma; we did lots of vicks vaor rub and I’ve used Eucalyptis drops in her bath. Only about 5 drops. Now that she has been properly diagnosed and treated I use her as needed asthma meds for her coughs if she is sick.

Even in adults cold symptoms last longer if you take decongestants. If you actually rest and let everything run it’s course the virus will go away sooner than if you suppress it and wear yourself out trying to keep up with work.

Agreed. When I had a cold a few weeks ago my husband asked me if I wanted him to pick me up some Sudafed. I told him “no way!” and my cold ran its course in about four days.