For those of you who sew

This place has a great selection and really down to earth prices. I know what these fabrics are, so can forgo the pleasure of a trip to Jo-Ann’s to feel the fabric.

If you can’t bear to buy fabric without touching it first, then check out the thread and notions prices. I got a big box of things I needed at what it would have cost fifteen or twenty years ago.

Makes me happy!

um … what place? i didnt see a link or name.
id love to have a look, im desperately trying to find skull or bone shaped buttons

C’mon – [I]what[/I] place???

Really, what place are you talking about? Don’t tease us!:??

I think she must have forgot… I told someone something earlier and told them to follow the link to get to my page… Um, well, what link? :roflhard: I’m pretty bad about remembering that.

OOOoh, I’m sorry. Could swear that I put it in last night. Anyway, it’s there now, hope you like it!

Here it is again

don’t worry i do that all the time especially if i am sending attachments in emails!

great looking store though

I too am a great fan of FFC. Another one that I use is Not as large a selection but equally as good on quality and price. Ellie

I used to belong to Fashion Fabric Club when they sent out swatches every month more or less for a small amount of money yearly. I guess they are not doing that anymore as I haven’t received any packets for almost one year. But, have to say, I have purchased a lot of fabric from the company over the years when they did send the swatches and I could ‘feel’ them and they were more than worth the money. I’ve belonged to several fabric clubs in my life and all were a lot more expensive but for the money Fashion Fabrics were great.

Yes, I have used They do have great prices, I think. I like to just look at the pictures. I do that with, also. They are more expensive, though.

If you like the feel of Joanne fabric then you really must venture into a local quilting shop. There isnt anything better than Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett and some other designer fabrics. I sadly have to share finances between quilt shops and yarn shops. If only I had more money some months, but they both capture my attention equally. when they have sales I place an order as fast as I can. This is my version of knit picks when it comes to fabrics, I cant resist them usually.