For those of you who are parents

Hey There:

I have had two children from the same family stick things up their noses (3 and 4 yrs), and am just wondering two things…

  1. Have any of you had this happen?
  2. What in the world do you do?


Mine didn’t stick things up their nose, they swallowed them. My parents do tell stories of me sticking a Trix up my nose. I’d say depending on what it was you might just have to keep the car full of ga$ and hit the ER.

When my younger brother was 4, he stuck a macaroni up his nostril. In trying to fish it out, he made his nose swell up. I remember him crying, and everytime he breathed in to start another round of wailing, he’d whistle because of the macaroni. So, you’d hear: “WWWaaaaahhh, whistle, Waaaaahhhh, whistle, Waaahhhh…”

We still make fun of him for it.

My parents took him to the er and the dr just pulled it out with a pair of tweezer type things.

My daughter did that once. She stuck peas up her nose. So I got out the trusty old nose syringe (really spelled wrong sorry :doh: ) and sucked them out. Thankfully we caught her before they got to far up there. Definatly keep the dr on speed dial :wink:

I stuck a tic-tac up my nose when I was little- probably 3 or 4 yrs old. My mom had to take me to the Dr to get it taken out. I guess the only thing to do is to try to impress upon the kids that if something gets put up there, it WILL have to come out- and that might not be the most fun thing in the world for them. Good luck!!!

OH, my… neither of my boys have done that, luckily. But I do know of a little girl who put a pea up her nose. The only trouble is that her parents didn’t know about it until almost a week later… eek! They had to take her to the doctor to get it removed and the doctor made it clear to her younger brother that if he put anything in his nose, he would have the same fate… Two kids later and neither of them have followed the actions of their older sister. Maybe the doctor made an impact. LOL

None of my kids did that but just last week my Aunt told me that her grandson stuck a popcorn kernal up his nose, my uncle freaked out and sucked it out with a shop vac.


  1. What in the world do you do?

Wait for them to grow up!! :roflhard:

Wow!! If only I knew so many people have had axperiences like this!
What makes it worse is that the older sister (4 yrs) had stuck a bead up her nose on my watch not even a month ago, and mom sort of made me feel like it was my fault (looking rudely at me, not talking to me, that sort of thing) and she had to go to the er to get it looked at (the nurse eventually just got her to sneeze, so alls well that ends well, I suppose).

Anyway, poor Fred, he sticks this green piece of chalk up his nose and says ‘ow’. Well, no wonder, sherlock!! So there I am trying to make him blow his nose, and being not quite three, he does not understand. So I try to push it from above to get it out. No dice. finally I give up and hand him over to mom. She says ‘oh, what have you tried?’ I described the above, and she cringes and goes ‘oh no, you have to make him blow’ What the bloody hell do you think I have been trying to do for the past fifteen minutes? Pick it out with my fingernails?

Oooohhhhh! Next time I think I will use a nasal aspirator.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

I have three adult children. Only one of my children ever tried that. We lived in Texas at the time and had a little step down into the living room. She and I were sitting on that step and my daugther was only 3 or 4 at the time. We were talking and she was eating M&M’s. Then all of a sudden she began to try and put on in her nose!! I said out loud “What are you doing”??? She stopped…then she burst into tears and she never did it again!! Thank God my responding so quickly and loudly…STOPPED her! I hadn’t thought of that in years. :lol: She is now 26 yrs. old.

My daughter stuck an M&M up her nose when she was smaller. I took a warm, damp washcloth and held it againt the side of her nostril and underside of her nose until it got melty, then I had her blow her nose… repeatedly.

Took a while before her snot stopped being blue. :rollseyes:

I’m not a parent, but I AM a big sister.

My lil bro would ALWAYS put things in his EARS. You’d be surprised how much driveway gravel will fit in an ear. Of course the ear would immediately swell up around the rocks, so mom was a frequent flyer to the local ER. After the first few visits for unusual object removal, the doctors just quit asking questions. I mean, there really ARE no answers for Why?!? or How?!?! in that type of situation.

One time he even had a stick in his ear. SCARY!! (Luckily, no contact with his ear drum!!!)

My kids eat weird things…crayons, paper, grass. I was the one who stuck hings up my nose as a child. I remember going to the drive in when I was little with my best friend Margaret. I stuck a piece of Royals candy up my nose. Does anyone remember those? They were basically mint flavored M&Ms in brown and green colors. And man, do they ever BURN when they are shoved up your nose!! :shock: