For the people whose loved ones forget their birthdays

I thought I’d pass on a story, since we’ve had a rash of people who just aren’t appreciated enough by their families and friends. I heard this years ago, and thought it was such a fantastic idea I recommend it to anyone :

A woman I used to know online had a husband who loved her very much, but totally forgot her birthday, every year, without fail. They were happy otherwise, but this used to really upset her and made her feel undervalued. So, one year, around her birthday, she started dropping hints about her birthday coming up and, lo and behold, she got a great present. She thought that might cement it for him, but the next year he forgot again, and she was depressed again. Then she came up with her Plan. These days, about three times a year, well spaced out but still more than most of us get, she starts dropping hints about her birthday. She gets thoughtful presents and a nice dinner every time… And as the days and years of marriage blend in to each other, he seems none the wiser… :wink:

My parents used to have Vienetta on any special night, like birthdays and anniversaries. The one year my Dad forgot, he and my brothers and I (I was only 3, in my defense) sat down to dinner, and when the Vienetta came out he began to ask what the special occasion was… then went as white as the ice cream. Tee hee.

Anyway, hope your birthdays work out well and you can have a party with us on the forums :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

:slight_smile: Nice story. Nice of you to share!

Every year my father would go to the laconia Bike races for the Fathers Day weekend
and he would get back on his motorcycle each week of his birthday and go on a camping trip
He told us he hated the hoop la (I never knew if he ment it or not, I do not even remember when it was he told me/us, I just KNEW it)
instead he would just pick a day and write “Tony’s 34th Birthday” and we were supposed to have a party that night complete with cake, and balloons, and maybe even presents
one year he wrote “Tony’s 21st birthday BRING BEER” - and on yet another he wrote Tony’s 8th Birthday, I want a Purple bike. This was on the date of my eldest daughters Birthday, and she had told him SHE wanted a Bike, maybe even a purple one.


Great stories! I am lucky, my dh has yet to forget a birthday

Dh hasn’t forgotten a birthday. He did forget our anniversary one year though. He learned really quick to NOT do that again. :teehee: