for the dec alt dec 2 times every 3rd rnd and 3 times every 2nd rnd

I am trying to make a collar and the instructions say:
At 3 cm from cast on edge for the dec alt dec 2 times every 3rd round and 2 times every 2nd rnd.
What does it mean?
Shall I do 3 cm and then 2 “normal” rounds and then decrease in the 3rd round, then again in the 3rd round and then 2 times every second round? Or does it means something different?
I don’t relly know what “dec alt dec” means…

If you have any idea how to help me, I would be extremely grateful (PLEASE!!!)

Welcome to KH!
Yes, your interpretation is correct. I read the “dec alt dec” as “decrease, alternating decreases” to mean that you would continue decreasing 2 times every 3rd and 2 times every 2nd and repeating that sequence.
Does the pattern give stitch counts at any point? Can you give us a pattern name?

Hi! Okey, so here goes the whole story, which I do not get:
Cast on 120 sts. At 3 cm from cast on edge for the dec alt dec 2 times every 3rd rnd and 2 times every 2nd rnd (for a total of 8x 4sts), to do this dec the markes rib sts (which are 2 in one round) and the st next to it as foll: k2tog, sl 1, k1, psso+ 88 sts.

doing: k2tog, sl 1, k1, psso, I decrease 2 stiches, right? two marked rib sts in one rnd gives 2 x2 +4, so 4 sts decreased in one rnd. But why 8 times? 2 times every 3 rnd and 2 times every 2nd round means I do it in total 4 times???

I don’t know the pattern name, because I got only a photo of the instructions from a friend… :frowning:

Any ideas?

OK, that helps. Yes, you’re right, dec 2sts per marker or 4 sts per round.
If you work the decrease every 3rd rnd twice and every 2nd rnd twice, that’s 16sts decreased. Now repeat the sequence again. (this is the “alternating decreases”) for another 16sts decreased. That’ll give you the total of 32 sts decreased and 88sts.
So decrease 2x every 3rd rnd, 2x every 2nd rnd, 2x every 3rd rnd and 2x every 2nd rnd.

Thank you very much for your help!