For the artistically impaired

I found this article on knitty and I love it. I love to understand the theory that goes into things. This is a great article on color theory and color combinations and how to use them to your advantage.

Cuz we’ve all seen something at some point that someone has made where we’ve gone…wow…just…WOW…and not in the good way.

My husband is an artist so I have learned a lot from him, too. Great article!

Thanks for that link as I am way beyond artistically challanged. I have no idea how to get colors to work together and look good. This will really help me in that aspect. Sometimes I try to imitate nature by looking at what colors go together in a natural setting. Or use shades and tones of the same colors, I know, kinda boring. I would really like to create something colorful, but not shocking or ewww.

I have a color wheel I throw at my artistically challenged family when they decide they want to question my Tuscan color theme in my home.

I am either lucky or cursed, but color has always come easily to me. I recall women spending hours trying to figure out colors to use in their bargello quilts when I would just grab 12 bolts and check out. I’ll pass on the article to some of my less color abilitied friends, though. Thanks for the link!

Great article. Also saw a piece recently on choosing color threads for your projects, just to add a dimension. Simply wind a strand of each color on a knitting needle to see if you will like the combo. Also suggested taking a photo in black and white to see if contrasts are right or not. :knitting: