For Swap

I have mohair… and while I am not fond of mohair but I was given 3 balls of this gorgeous mother of pearl color mohair and it’s been looking at me for over a year now.

I can’t get motivated to make something with it… .mohair being, well mohair it’s a little difficult to work with and nothing I start with seems “right” for it. If someone out there in Yarn Land can give t a home and make it into something beautiful I’d be happy to trade it for something of comparable value… but smoother maybe and not so fuzzy? I have a particular fetish for Cashmere blends right now . :shrug:

Two of the balls have been unwound and put into rolls… and one was actually frogged very gently from another project that didn’t work for it. Does someone want to give it a home? :heart:

I have a question. xxx what is mohair???

Do you have a pic? I have a really nice soft shiny silk blend?