? for Split-Bedroom Home Owners

DH and I are hoping to build a new home within the next year and I have been looking at home plans and the split-bedroom concept seems to be the new thing in construction, or maybe I’m just behind the times. Anyway, my only concern with this layout is our 2-year old and how he will handle having his room so far away from ours. On the other hand, I know we will be staying in this house for many, many years, and by the time he’s a teenager, we will probably both be very happy that his bedroom is far away from ours. Anyway, for those who own a split-bedroom home, give me your feedback, any pros and cons, etc. I think we’ll do some investigating on our own as well and maybe go to a couple open houses with this layout and see what we think.

Split bedroom is the way to go. You’ll thank yourself later on when you and hubby can enjoy some peace and your son and his friends are up til midnight in his room. Plus, splits usually offer master baths that don’t have to be shared by the other bedrooms. In Florida it’s impossible to find anything other than split bedroom in the new houses.

I’ve never heard of a “split-bedroom”…is it like a dual master? Or just another bedroom with it’s own bath?

Either way you could use a baby monitor if you weren’t comfortable with the child too far away.

Split bedroom = master bedroom on one side of house, other bedrooms on other side of house.
Example: http://www.morrisonhomes.com/imhotep/ImhotepXMLIntercept/InterfloorLanding.aspx?offering_type=P&offering_id=8172&language=en

Oh I see! Similar to a dual master, but with more bedrooms. I think I’d worry about my child so far away, but like I said a baby monitor might solve that. [SIZE=1][COLOR=Gray]And I’d be up a couple times a night checking at least for awhile. :teehee:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

We’ve almost always lived in split-bedroom homes…even apartments! I have loved it. There is more privacy, and they don’t keep you up or vice versa.

Besides that, parents tend to “know” when their kids need them. You know what I mean? I can’t hear a lot of things (or maybe I don’t pay attention), but just let me kids call out for me in the middle of the night, and I’m all over it.

Go for it!

P.S. I also think it would add to the resale value, in case you ever decide (or have) to sell it. :thumbsup:

and baby monitor when they are teenagers, sneaking in past curfew…! :wink:

My home is not split bedroom, but while in college I lived in a split bedroom house for a while. I thought it was really nice. You could always build the house such that there is an “office room” on your side of the house to put your son in now while he is young and then transition him across the house as he gets older.
As my hubby and I look at selling this house and moving into a home where we will have children I am bothered by how many homes in our area have 1st floor masters b/c the thought of a baby being upstairs horrifies me.
Best of luck

Thanks for all of your input. I showed my husband the plan I was looking at and he really likes it, too! http://www.thehousedesigners.com/plan_details.asp?PlanNum=6081 We know which neighborhood we want to build in, we just have to wait for the lots to go on sale.

Valknitter- I completely understand! I have looked at many 1.5 & 2 story plans, and almost all of them have the master downstairs and the rest of the bedrooms upstairs. I definitely could not do that!

Bethany- I’m going to remember the baby monitor thing when he does become a teenager!!

Thanks again!!!

Cute place!:happydance:

OMG that is going to be my new favorite website !!! I am so looking forward to the hubby getting his PhD and a real job so I can get a new house !! How cool to be able to look at all the plans !!!
I love yours !!!