For sale/ trade - 7 skiens of LIONBRAND shaker

I have 7 full skiens of LIONBRAND shaker for sale/trade. I bought them for 40.00 and need to get rid of them b/c I dont know what to make. They have all been sealed in plastic bags and come from a non-smoking house. Make me an offer.


What do they look like? I am not familiar with Lionbrand Shaker… also, what color?

Ah, sorry, derp, I totally forgot to put what kind they are.

They are 7 full, unused skiens of LionBrand Homespun in the color shaker. I bought them for a sweater that I wanted to make, but decided I didn’t like the pattern, the more I looked at it and although I still love the yarn, I can’t find anything I want to make with it.

You can see the color by going to the LionBrand website and looking for the color shaker in Homespun.



Since the only supplier of yarn in my town is Walmart…I am familiar with Lion Brand homespun and the shaker color…It would make a great “Martha Stewart homecoming poncho”-----it is good yarn to work with and I think it feel very good…good luck.