For sale, sport wt alpaca, grey

Hey everyone. I have 2 whole skeins, and one nerly whole skein of a very soft, very pretty heather grey color peruvial alpaca. The yardage is estimated by weight, each skein weighs 8 1/3 oz and is apporximatly 691 yd, and the partial skein is 7 oz and approx 580 yards, for approx 1950 yds of sport weight alpaca. I paid 20.75 for each skein and would like to sell all of it together for $50 shipping included. Anyone interested? ( I did a swatch on this, double stranded on 8’s I got 18st over 4", single stranded on 4’s I got 28 st over 4"). The softness and drape of this yarn is very pretty, it has a very nice halo and fuzziness to it. I am selling because I don’t have enough to make my large self a sweater like I wanted, and can’t think of anything else to do with it. Maybe someone can use it!

I’m interested if no one else is.

sent you a pm scout :slight_smile:

Did the sportweight alpaca get sold?