For Sale: knitting needle organizer

I made this organizer for myself, and I have enough fabric to make two or three more.

Update: All gone, thanks! …Amigarabitais making them now based on my pattern, so if you want one, contact her.

Note, the back row on this organizer allows both short DPN’s and tall straight needles to fit in that row, as in the picture. (That is: each pocket can hold either short or tall needles, due to a fold in the fabric, down in the pocket.)

how do you know the size of double pointed needle?

amy, that’s a great design. did you make it up?

Well, I was thinking of labeling the slots for the sizes of the DPN’s, but since I’m still collecting them, and reorganizing them constantly, I ditched the idea. I currently tell the size by putting them in order from small to large (first bottom row, then top row). Also, there are a few sizes I know just by looking at them, so it makes reference easy. Also, on the bamboo needles, the sizes are printed on the needles.

When in doubt, of course, I use my handy dandy needle gauge! (shown in the lower right pocket.)

Amigarabita-- yes I made the design, but it’s based on other ones I’ve seen, so I didn’t invent it totally. Although I did invent the trick for the back row, to hold long or short needles! (I’m rather proud of that!) :smiley:



Have you sold this yet? I’d love to buy it, or one like it. I’m just beginning to knit and don’t have a lot of needles, yet, but I’m finding knitting to be an obsession and I’ll probably be compeletely stocked on needles and accessories (and broke!) withing a month!

THis is fabulous. You should sell these on eBay.

FeministMama, thanks!

Kathy, yours is in the mail! Thanks!




Love the organizer - any more left?


Hi Zoe,

Yes, I definitely have enough fabric for one more. I might even have enough for two, but I may need to use a different matching fabric for the edging of a second one. Both the fabrics I got were remnants–the last of the stock!

If you’re interested, let me know if you want any custom-sized pockets. Also, do you want the fold inside the pocket of the back row, so it can hold both DPN’s and long straight needles? You have to understand the concept, or it will just be a pain in the butt to use: the way it works is, you aim the needles towards the back of the organizer to go all the way down into the pocket. You aim them towards the front, to catch them in the fold, for shorter needles. Let me know if you want this. I can make any pocket permanently sized for just one length needle if you prefer.


oooh are you interested in making more? I was just looking on e-bay for one. The fabric used is really not a big deal (actually I like funky - so mixed matched would a-ok)

Hi Nuno!

Well, I’m out of one of the fabrics, and I’m already tired of making them! But if you want me to send you the pattern, I will. Also, if anyone else wants to take over making these, I’ll send you the pattern, and you can go to town! :wink:


i’ll make them! i pm’d you amy.

nuno -are you still needing one? you can pm me.

Amigarabita, I’ve written up the pattern for you! I’ll send it out tomorrow!

It was a fair amount of work, so I’ve decided to pay to get copies made of the pattern, so I don’t have to re-write it for future requests. The pattern is the life-sized pattern pieces, with stitches marked on them, and written instructions. It’s a more complex pattern than it looks! The pattern is all hand-written, but clear I think!

If anyone else wants copies of this pattern, I’m going to have to charge for it, because of shipping and copying costs–and a little extra for my time. $4.50 will cover the pattern and shipping. You can pay through my tip jar on the CD page of this site; and email me with your request and shipping address!

Thanks everyone!

Amy, I haven’t received the knitting needle organizer. Did it, by chance, come back to you?

Kathy! This is HORRIBLE! I can’t believe it!!

I sent it in NOVEMBER! If you haven’t received it by now, then this does not bode well. No, I haven’t received it back or anything!

Unfortunately, I am out of the edging fabric. I’m also extremely busy right now, and tired of making them. So, a replacement isn’t really an option, I’m sorry to tell you.

But of course I will refund your money. And if you’re a sewer, I’ll send you the extra fabric, which is enough for the body of the organizer, and the pattern to make it.

Does this sound okay? I’m really sorry that it didn’t make it to you! I’ve never heard of a package getting lost like this! I did, once, have a package take a couple of months. But how strange! And dissappointing! I even made you a little set of cable needles and threw them in. What a drag that it got lost. :cry:


November?! I guess the mailman’s wife is enjoying it! lol.

Don’t worry about the fabric. If you’ll send along some instructions I’ll sew it up. It’s too good a design to just forget about!

Kathy and Amy,

Kathy - You might talk to your postman - perhaps they have a ‘lost packages’ claim form for things that go missing.

I received my organizer a few weeks ago and I just love it - plus Amy included 2 CD’s as bonus goodies.

And the snow day I was hoping for actually materialized - so I am going to stay warm and cozy with my knitting projects.

Thanks again for the cool organizer, all of your help and the fabulous web site. It’s like having a knitting mentor 24/7/365!!


In all those left overs I was hoping someone had Red Heart Pink 371
I had an afghan started a while back and rediscovered it but am short the yarn. I can’t seem to find it in any of the stores. Is Wal-Mart getting rid of Red Heart? It’s the very pale pink.

Thanks so much!

Kathy, you’re not going to believe this…
I got the needle organizer back in the mail today! What’s it been? 3 months since I sent it off to you?!!! The package was completely ripped open, with a 12" gash!

Well, I have it for you if you want it! If not, anyone else interested in one of these?