FOR SALE: Peruvian Quechua ten+ balls of Teal color

I am selling ten balls of Quechua (and have three or four more than do not have the labels, but bought at the same time and are of the same dye lot. I can throw these in if you want.) for 20 bucks. It’s 30 for ten balls normally.

I decided that I did not want to knit IVYand have no other use for it. This is the yarn recommended for this cardigan, which is lovely!

What color? I may be interested depending on the color. Thanks.

I am going to pass. I am sure someone else will come take this great deal though.

How much for all 14?

What was the color? I may be interested if it’s still available.

i think it is sold, but am working out shipping details. i will definitely post again if this deal won’t go through.

thanks for the interest!