For Reluctant Ravelers!


Well, I was wading around in the shallow end of the pool…got my Stash entered…feelin’ pretty darn good about the water…so I waded in further today…up to my knees…and entered my current WIP’S and two FO’S. Nothin’ I haven’t posted here at KH…but…at the Ravelry site…all of it is organized under my name. That’s kinda neat.

If I wanted to see everything YOU have been up to lately…I could click your name in MY FRIENDS…and nose around your projects! Lurk? Me, lurk? Naaah.

Another interesting factoid I found out: when I entered my FO (Irish Hiking Scarf with Malabrigo Merino worsted)…the project automatically got entered into TWO other listings: 1) Malabrigo yarn projects…and 2) Irish Hiking Scarf projects.

So I migrated over to the Malabrigo yarn projects and was able to see how different colorways of Malabrigo knit up!
Migrated over to IHS projects…and viewed how the IHS looks in different colors, yarns, and some with modifications!

Well, I am up to my knees, and liking it!

Stay tuned. I might wade in up to my thighs one of these days! :wink:

I am on there as Elicrochet (go figure). I don’t have much entered yet. I am over overseas right now,so that is why I have been slow.

Wow, thank you so much for posting this. As a new knitter, I think I’ll actually have a slight advantage when I finally get to join in…I only own five yarns so far. (ducking the flying needles heading my way)

Well, I got all my stash in and was surprised at how much I actually had - remember I’m a new knitter, how did I get this much so quickly?!?:roflhard: I even put in my “bits and pieces” left over from other projects - never know when it will be just what I want for some color work, etc., and this way I won’t forget I have it! Since I’m a bit of an “organizational freak” Ravelry is a perfect tool for me. I’m loving that part of it - plus it is so helpful to see the different projects in the different yarns as I am trying to learn more and more about the various fibers out there. The “social” side of it is a bit overwhelming to me, so many groups, etc. I am more comfortable here in the smaller forum for “knit talk”, but I do love the organization/research/project part of Ravelry :thumbsup:

Okay, ArtLady, I just went over and looked at your stash…guess I don’t have all that much :roflhard:

I’m with ya, Knitsta Sista! When we (meaning Lonnie) remodel the bedroom and I have to take everything out, I’ll do it then…and my stash isn’t even big, I just don’t wanna do it, what can I say :shrug:, doesn’t sound like fun to me right now…I’m a bad Ravelrier…I’ve input my books, those that are allowed, I can’t get the others to input from the Library site.

Don’t worry - those five yarns will have a party while you’re not looking, knock back a few drinks, and by the morning, they’ll have undergone mitosis and you’ll have ten yarns. You can’t stop stash growth - it’s what yarn does! :yay:

ACK, I’ve been away it seems like for AGES! Like just got too hectic! I’m so glad you posted this. It made me log in to Ravelry which I haven’t done since I joined. You are my first friend and I joined the KH group too. I’ll have to check it all out over the weekend. I “should” add my stash now while it isn’t too big! :wink: See you over there!

Hi’ya Chris! :waving:

I know what you mean about “overwhelming”. But, I take it a step at a time. I’m still standing here in the shallow end of the pool. I only belong to one Group:[B] KH.[/B] Period. And, I added all my fellow KH-ers in MY FRIENDS.

I took one more step outside the comfort zone tonight. I am knitting BORGHILD (started it for the KH August Challenge)…it is posted in MY PROJECTS…and I noticed that only one other knitter is working on Borghild. So I sent her a message, inviting her to be my knitting buddy for the project. Asked her how far along is she…and told her of my progress and one “brick wall” I hit…and overcame.

So, if she feels the need for a knitting buddy for BORGHILD…she has one!

That is a cool feature on Ravelry. You can find others who are suffering (or dancing!) through the same projects that you are!

And doesn’t it feel kinda wierd :aww:when you nose through other Raveler’s Stash?

Kinda feels like looking through someones’ bookcase when they’re not home! :teehee:

I really really do appreciate being able to view all of someone’s projects. There is some really inspirational knitting. Some complicated, some simple!

The cross referencing is neat, too.

Well, I am off to bed. :sleepy: See ya tomorrow!

I must admit, I’ve stalled [B]big time[/B] with Ravelry! I really need to sit down, take a look at things there, and add my “stuff.”

You have lots of friends still wading around in the shallow end of the pool! Take my hand…here we go! I am in up to my knees. Feels good! :thumbsup:

I see that they invited about 350 people today. Things are moving along! :smiley:

Wow! That looks really awesome! The features look incredible…and, even though I can barely manage all of the on-line blogs/boards/etc. that I already take part in (hence the long absences from knittinghelp), I couldn’t resist getting on the waiting list…surely I can add one more thing to my plate, right? Too bad 19,900 people are in front of me!

I just got in, seriously about 5 min ago. I am a bit bemused by the flikr thing, could’nt get my flikr pics to ravelry, and after browsing around for about 10 min felt like I was in a big huge mall that had tons of great stuff but was unsure as how to “unravell” it for myself. I am very excieted:yay: that I am in now, but a bit confuzzuled yet on how to get my actual stuff on it. I’m sure just like everything else it will work out. I have to say though, with all of the bits and pieces, this has got to be one of the most BRILLIANT ideas I have seen since the LYS/coffee house!:muah:

Ew…do you have to use flikr, or can you host them on your own site? I don’t want to have to move pictures around and keep track of extra things.

you are lucky! There are 11,425 people ahead of me! I wonder how long await it will be. It said 38% of the people have been invited so far!

I see that you are in Okinawa, Japan, my daughter just got stationed there last month with her husband and 3 children. I talked to her this morning 9/14/2007 and a typhoon was headed towards the island! Are you stationed there?

I have 11,425 ahead of me! I already wrote that here, but I’ new to this replying stuff and did it wrong, lol. Anyway I also wrote asking if you were stationed on Okinawa and wondering if you got the typhoon today. Sorry about that!

I am curious, given that I am sure a number of yarn or other related businesses will be very interested in ravelry, has anyone been approached to do research on behalf of a business or anything similar? Or is anyone thinking of setting up a business based upon what you can see in the site? Two different issues there but I am curious (as suggested).

Hi’ya Mulder!

  1. Get your New Project all set up…the pattern, the yarn, notes, progress, etc…[U]then click SAVE[/U].down by the comment box.
  2. After it saves, click Edit Photos up at the top left (tab)
  3. A FLICKR thing will appear at the bottom of the project’s page.
  4. Click your Flickr user name, or click Search and all your Flicker photos will upload right there at the bottom.
  5. Just drag and drop the photos that you want to insert into that particular Project. You can even re-arrange them in a different order after you have dragged them up there by re-dragging them.They are automatically saved into your project.

I hope this helps.