For Reluctant Ravelers!

To all Reluctant Ravelers: Hi’ya! :waving:

I have been a Raveler since August 28th 2007. After entering my profile, some “buddies” and the KH “Group”…I just [I][B]stalled and stalled[/B][/I] entering [U]anything[/U] into MY NOTEBOOK!

I am the consummate [B]Reluctant Raveler. [/B]Join my Club! Let’s inspire one another! :grphug:

So, yesterday, I took the bull by the horns…and entered my Yarn Stash:
160 entries worth. (Yeah…you read right.) So, I finished up tonight.

It is waaay cool to click one of my yarn STASH entries…and see who else is knitting something with my same yarn, but maybe in a different color. THAT is worth a million!

Also, here was a nice feature…I had lots of yarn that I had no clue how much yardage was in the skein. [B]Mystery[/B] [B]Yarn[/B]. Back in the ole days, skeins did not divulge yardage…just the ounces. (eek…does that age me?:shrug:)

Well, the Ravelry software provided me with yardage info…as long as I knew [U]something about the yarn[/U]. Sometimes I didn’t know both the name of the yarn and the “company name” of the yarn. So, I entered the name of the yarn in both boxes…and clicked…and the next page gave me the correct name [U]and the company name.

[/U]Anyhoo, if I don’t do a single additional thing with MY NOTEBOOK on Ravelry…the YARN STASH is going to be very useful, I think. I have lots of patterns planned for the big bunches of yarn…15-18 skeins will build any cardigan…but whaddya do with 2,3,4 skeins that are leftover from past projects??? I mean, come on…ya can only knit so many scarves, right?

Well, if you are a Reluctant Raveler [U]who has received your [/U][U]invitation[/U], but are reluctant to jump into the pool…just [U]wade in at the shallow end[/U] like I did. [COLOR=Blue]Enter your yarn data.[/COLOR]

If you [U]have not received your invitation[/U]…in the meantime…organize your yarn stash in a notebook…that will make your STASH entries in your Ravelry notebook go more quickly.


Back in the ole days, skeins did not divulge yardage…just the ounces. (eek…does that age me?:shrug:)

I have a bunch of that stuff…

I may join when it’s opened up and past the beta testing. But I’m more interested in being a looky loo than having my own information in there. I keep it mostly in my head.

I’m on Ravelry as well and it has been great. I have found things I want to knit. I have added my stash in and can see everything made with the yarn I have.

It has also made me more confident in my knitting, because people have added my projects as favorites in a few instances.

I just added you as a friend ArtLady :slight_smile: Add some of your projects!

ahhhhh…you have inspired me!!! As my stash grows bigger and bigger (I’ve had 3 orders to KP’s in a month, plus others) I am going to need to add it in there…I’m just lazy when it comes to taking pics and uploading them…ack

I’ll join you in about 10,000 people!:rofl:

Your sig link goes to the log in page…use this one.
And then people like me can just click and add you to our friends! :wink:

Thanks for the tips!! Very cool, I’m getting anxious, but last time I checked there were almost 10,000 people still ahead of me too.
Oh wait, breaking news… [B][COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]9052 people are ahead of you in line[/COLOR][/B]:woohoo:

So I did start with a needle inventory recently. I checked all those circs that were lying around loose out of there original packaging. I guess I’ll start on my paltry stash next. I wish I could say I have 160 entries!!! But way, there is time if I start buying now to plump up my stash.

I am still wading around in the shallow end of the pool…aka…[B][COLOR=black][I]no photos yet. [/I][/COLOR][COLOR=Red]Ack is right! [/COLOR][/B]

It might be my next thing to do…as a way of “paying it forward”. :teehee: I have enjoyed the yarn photos that other Ravelers have entered.

Thanks Jan! I made some changes to my Ravelry link…however…for the life of me…I couldn’t get make that little Ravelry icon “hot”. I just kept mixing up all the image tags and brackets. Bah Humbug.

So, I just inserted the “cold” icon…and turned my name ArtLady into the live link". SIGH.

Well, people who are interested in adding me to their buddy list will click the name ArtLady to migrate over to my profile page, I hope.

Thanks again!

We eagerly await your arrival! Get ready, get set…


I have only added my handspun yarns and like 3 other yarns. I do not have the patience to add my entire stash… :thud:

same here, silver. i’ve only added 2 entries of yarn. now projects, i got busy and even took photos i didn’t already have. :wink:

You know what? Normally when I obsess, I go way, way in over my head. But, for the most part, I’ve been buying just what I need or for projects I really plan to work on.

(exception being when I bought 5 balls of Lion Brand microspun because it was there and they were on sale…something good has to come of that, right?)

If you ask the Yarn Ho, I’m not really and truly a knitter.

However, I am on Ravelry now and am reluctant to put my little stash up on there because It’s most left overs from projects and I have absolutely no clue as to what to do with them. They’re just too different from each other!

I actually made a spreadsheet about a year ago, so a lot of my stash was easy to enter. Now when I get new yarn, I just take a photo and enter it in. It is so much easier looking on there, rather than looking through drawers and bags and closets to see what might work for a project.

PS I’m over 100 stashed too. Oops! It grows weekly too. I seriously will never be able to knit it all. I consider myself a “collector” of fine yarns:teehee:

I finally got most of my projects on… some I skipped…I tried to enter my stash and started out strong but then let that go as well… not sure if I’ll get back to the stash adding or not :teehee:

I’ll be there in about 8,000 more people! :pout: The wait gives me time to get organized. :teehee: Yeah, right!!:roflhard:

If it makes you feel any better, there are 19,000 people in front of me!!! YIKES!!!

And, this Ravelry thing is still in its BETA stage! Phew.

When you are in your sig edit box just click the ravelry icon and it gets selected, then click the link icon and pasted your link in there. :wink:

Most of my stash is just oddballs of this and that so it’s impossible to put it in my stash list. I have a few though.

I am guilty of not doing a whole heck of a lot in Ravelry yet but I have a good reason: my inlaws are here for just over a month and we are moving in about 1 week so most of my stash is downstairs in the garage boxed up. Once we get in to the new house, I will be organizing what stash I have and inputting it in then.

:woohoo: for moving!!