For pet lovers...knit your dog a sweater with it's own hair


Now that’s just NUTS! Lord knows I have enough hair to make about a dozen sweaters though :rollseyes: .My Malamute/Wolf sheds 365 days a year!

You having a wolf is WAY more shocking. See -> :shock: this is my face right now.

The babe looks like she’s bout to kill someone with that hook…

“If you come any closer, Ill CROCHET HOOK YA! Think I WONT, sucka???” :roflhard:

Maybe she’s keeping the wolf at bay!

A woman at work has already colleted several pounds of her dog’s hair and is sending it away to be spun. :rollseyes:

Ok, maybe it’s just me, but I find the idea of either having something hanging on my wall or wearing something that is knitted from my pet’s fur a little creepy. Too bad- I could have knitted myself a floor length coat and hat to match with the fur from my cat- he was black, and there was black fur everywhere!!! :rofling:

“If you come any closer, Ill CROCHET HOOK YA! Think I WONT, sucka???”

:roflhard: :roflhard:
You guys are killin’ me!

She’s really a lot more Malamute than wolf. Her mom was only a quarter wolf, so she’s only an eighth wolf.
Here are some pics of her:

Sorry… neither one is a very good shot of her. :?? Anyway, she’s a very sweet dog with too much hair.

LOL…it would take quite a bit of … :?? well, knitting magic to knit with Sally’s hair… :roflhard:

LOL, that toddler does indeed look like she means business with that hook!! :roflhard:

At the spinners guild I go to, every now and then one of the spinners will bring in bags of their long-haired breed’s undercoat (clean and collected at grooming) and offer it up to thrifty spinners. When you spin, and quickly learn how much it costs per pound for sheep whool, alpaca, angora goat, and angora rabbit fur, it does entice you to check out, erm, “alternative” fibers. :wink: I confess, I have a shopping bag of some dog’s undercoat in my basement! I never did even spin an inch of it. I think a part of me fears allergies to it! LOL. But it is quite clean and pretty, totally pure white and very fluffy. The undercoat of a dog’s coat 's relatively quite nice compared to the courser fur on the outside, for the record.

If you’re a spinner, you’d understand! I once had a spinner come up to me at the guild and make a covetous remark about my hair! We just smiled at each other, because I could totally understand. :smiley: One can’t help but look at everything for it’s spinning potential, once one has experienced the powerful pull of the spinning wheel. :mrgreen:

You know… this just reminded me of a friend of mine that has a wolf rescue in Roseville, California. Someone had offered to spin her wolf’s undercoat to make it into something to remember him by. He was dying of cancer at the time. :thinking: Interesting thought.

I wonder how long the hairs have to be to have it spun? My Sophie is SOOOO soft…I could save what the groomer cuts off during her first haircut each Spring! AND, she’s a BEAUTIFUL chocolate brown color… :thinking:

KK: Step. Away. From. The. Dog. NOW!

And uh, that sure looks like a wolf to me!

I am always talking about knitting with Lucy’s fur! :roflhard:

I’ve got tumbleweeds of it here!!

A part of me has thought this is gross and now Im beginning to think second thoughts…Sheep are probably grosser to me than my own animals…and I guess I just wasnt thinking about the shampoo/conditioning phase. I was just imagining someone shaving the dog and spinning it just like that. I wouldnt do that. Just ew. But if someone washed it for me and stuff i dont think it would be bad, I still dont know if I’d wear it…well maybe on my feet. But I dont even think I’d wear wool. Maybe angora…But bunnies and shtuff are cuddly anyway…Id rub one on my phase and squeal with joy haha. :happydance:

:shock: I just don’t know about this. I have this image of wearing your knitted dog-hair sweater and it rains. We all know how dogs smell after they get wet. ewwww :roflhard:

Well, the malamute is very closely related to the wolf anyway. They share a lot of very similar characteristics.

niiiccceee doggie. niiiice. Eat KK, she’s sweeter :smiley: