For palm users

[color=blueviolet]I’m a huge Palm user since 2000, in fact I just got a Palm Treo 680 in Arctic two weeks ago. I use all 3 knitting programs and I use PalmPDF instead of Adobe of Palm OS for patterns. I plan on using Google Maps when I go to Dallas for Christmas to find driving directions to my sister’s apartment and to yarn shops. I love being able to search the web, no matter where I am, for a knitting pattern. I have gone completely paperless and I couldn’t be happier.[/color]

I’m a bit of a techie, and I love my palm. I could live without it, but I wouldn’t like it AT ALL!!! I have the Countable program on my palm an I really like it.

[color=blueviolet]You’re doing better than me because I can’t live without it! I have no idea how I lived without a Treo. I’ve wanted one for years but I live in the sticks where there was no coverage until last year and I was gonna get one, but found out Palm was going to release 4 Treo’s in 2006 so I decided to wait. I never new I had so much patience. :rofl: What Palm do you have? I just upgraded from a Palm Tungsten T3.[/color]

I have a Zire 72. I freakin’ love it!!!

Hello :slight_smile: – I just got a Palm Tungsten E2 (luv it!), and I’m curious about how you connect to the internet with a Palm? Do you have to have wireless internet?

I have the Treo 680 too… but I am unfamiliar with any knitting programs that can be downloaded. Sounds like something I would love. Jessi-9783 can you educate me?

you can buy the program online and download it to your computer. Depending on which hotsync program you have it will either sync onto your palm on it’s own, or you will have to drop the downloaded program into your sync program and it will go onto your palm when you sync it.

I do not have a wireless connection, I have a USB cable that I connect my palm to my computer.

If this doesn’t help, pm me and I’ll help out somemore. :slight_smile: