? for Options users

Do you use them exclusively or do you still use straights? For the last few months I’ve been using only my Options and bamboo DPN’s. Last night I decided to make a bear and since the last one I made was on Susan Bates straights, I grabbed them again. I think the Options have spoiled me because I really didn’t like using them. They felt heavy, unwieldy and slow. After about 4 rows, I dug out my Options. So far I’ve kept my collection of straights because I figured I might use them again, but now I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of them.

I gave up straight needles months ago even before I got my Options. I still have my straights but I couldn’t tell you were in my house they are!!

I haven’t used my straights in years. I still ave them, but only use circulars or dpn’s.

I use my options for magic loop knitting, and afghans (or anything I need a cable to accomidate lots of stitches). For small items, I use my bamboo, and wooden straight needles. I gave my aluminum Boye, and Susan Bates straight needles to our local Christians In Action after my husband bought me a set of bamboo ones. I guess I just love the feel of wooden needles, and feel more homey (is that a word?) using them.

I got on the circular bandwagon pretty early in my knitting career, thanks to KH. I had one pair of straights as my starter needles, but I quickly gave them up once I got my Denises. Now that I have Options, I hardly touch the Denises. :shrug: I’m not ready to give them up yet, though. :wink:

I have two straights, and I mean two, not two pairs. They’re mismatched. :teehee: I used circulars to knit flat before I got my Options, and I still do.

I don’t knit flat on circulars. I’m one of those people who stands the working needle on my thigh to help push the stitches up the needle, and that obviously doesn’t work with circulars. I have a full set (size US 0-15) of bamboo straights that I bought on ebay and I love them for small flat projects. I love my circulars, too, but only for knitting in the round. :slight_smile:

I don’t use straights much anymore, either, and virtually never the metal ones I bought when I first started. They are heavy and cold. But I was just wishing I had another pair of Lantern Moon straights. I only have one pair of their straights, in size 9, and I use them whenever I can. In fact, if a pattern calls for for size 10 I try to use them there, too. They’re pretty pricey, though. :pout: I also have one pair of their circular needles, which are nice, but not as nice as my straights, I think.

I use my straight needles to fill up my straight needle case. Oh and I have one in the bathroom to ease in parting my hair. I use another to pull fiber off my drum carder (for spinning). I think hubby has used one in the garage for something.

I knit on circulars almost exclusively, except for the rare time I use DPNs for socks, but even then I’m more inclined to use circs. All Hail the Circular Needle! :notworthy:

my son likes to “knit” with my straight needles and tangled yarn. i also give them away when i meet someone who wants to knit. i give them a pair of straights and yarn appropriate for that size and teach them and then say here you go!

options, addis, and DPN bamboo only

I have all circular needles but I still love to use my Lantern Moon Rosewoods for large scarves for some reason. I haven’t bought any straights in quite some time and I too also give them away to new knitters.

I have some straights but I never use them either… I keep them just in case :teehee: I use the circs for everything…

I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I used straights. I exclusively use circulars now.

I even have the Denise needle set and haven’t used them since I got my Options :blush: .

I don’t think I’ve used a straight needle in several years. That was way before Options came along I think. I just shipped a bunch of straights to my daughter who is learning to knit. After using my Options, I cant imagine I will ever use anything else, unless it is some REALLY weird size KP doesn’t have.

OMGosh, i thought i was the only one who did that. circs were pretty uncomfortable to work with at first, and it took me a while to get used to them. in fact now i’m still more comfortable using straights, but i am missing a few sizes of straights and i won’t bother buying them now than i have a Denise set.