For my mom

okay were trying to knit in another skein of yarn, but we are coming up with two ‘tales’ and then the lenght of yarn. what are we doing wrong, becuase we are doing what the videos tell us.

If I am reading correctly, you have part of the end of the skeing that you are just finishing and part of the beginning of the one you are just beginning that are left over, this is not unusual after you have knit part of it in as you are adding the next skein…you will have to come back and weave these ends into the project when you complete it…If I am understanding correctly…am I?

you are correct. but for right now, how do i knit without them. or…im confused

Continue using the yarn that is coming from the new skein and leave the others hanging…you have already knit the 2 ends in, correct? And you have them hanging as well as your new yarn? If this is right…just pick up your new yarn and knit as you did with the original skein.

the problem is with knitting the two in together
can i just knit one stich with both the yarns and then do it just with the new yarn and weave them in at the end. or do i have to do more than one stich with both the yarns?

You can do it with just one.