For my 1st question

Dear expert, organized knitters,
Have misplaced an afghan pattern. Cleaned out lots of cabinets etc. What did I get?- clean cabinets - no pattern! Have all the others with my stash. Want to do different patterns for each of my daughters and hope you can help. I saw it a few years ago and, at the time, thought it was too tough for me to tackle. Things change. It was pictured in coral with very long fringe in a rather small size booklet. I think it had a somewhat diagonal or diamond motif to the pattern and am sure the instructions were printed out in such a strung out manner that I knew I’d have to rewrite just to be able to follow them. I’ve looked at a plethora of patterns since, but this booklet may have been of older patterns and had, possibly, another afghan that was sort of “Americana” style in a red and white “checked” effect. Not much to go on I know. My daughter can’t remember anything helpful - if it was on the cover or if it was for a specific yarn co. - she just remembers that’s the one she wants me to do so thought I’d throw this out there and see if it’s enough to jog someone’s memory. Can’t hurt to try. Jean

Sorry, I have no idea what pattern it might be, but have you checked It might have been posted on the internet at some point.

Thanks, Abbily, for your suggestion. I am checking thru knittingpatterncentral now. Wow! Have they got patterns! Realize the info I gave probably won’t be enough to help replace the afghan pattern I lost. Your suggestion, though, will help me find others. Jean

I don’t recognize the pattern but I wanted to welcome you to KH! I think you’ll find lots of knitting help and great people here at this community.

Good luck finding what you are looking for!

Am overwhelmed that you would take the time to send a much appreciated welcome! See you’re in Ontario. Great country. Spent time there in the 70’s and 80’s when I was training and showing dogs. Did very well at London and Hamilton shows. Have searched a number of sites and no luck yet. Will have to meditate and see if I can at least bring back the cover photo or yarn promo on the pamphlet I had. Sometimes a good rap on the occiput can ring a missing bell. 'Twould be much easier to convince my daughter that a super-wonderful, but other pattern would suit her just as well. Yeah, sure. Thanks for your caring. Jean

Show her a picture of our CPH (Central Park Hoodie). Most seem to really like that sweater. I have it on my list of “things to do”. I hope she likes it! It sure would be the answer.

So you’ve been to Hamilton and Toronto, although London is about two hours from me going west, which means you were very close to where I am. Are you still in Ontario?

I hope you enjoy KH as much as I do Jean! Take care and come here often!

Welcome to KH, and I hope you find your pattern or another suitable one like it!

Can’t help you with the pattern but I just wanted to say that I love your user name… it gave me a giggle. :teehee: Welcome!

wow, another dog shower/knitter! welcome. i have some puppies i’m just starting out - Greyhounds - and some sweaters i’m just starting.

Thanks, 2b, for your good wishes. Am sure I’ll find something suitable. There are thousands. Have to sit down with my daughter and show her some patterns that are just as nice. Working on finishing 3 projects for my grandkids so everything will come in its time. Jean

Good for you, Heidi, If I gave you a laugh I’m pleased. Think everybody should laugh much more than they do. It’s so good for your endorphins shooting around and making you feel so good. I think if everyone could get more laughter (plus knitting) into their lives the murder rate would certainly lessen and not just when everyone, at the same time, stops to re-load! Jean

Kat, Appreciate your welcome. Ah, yes. Dog showers/trainers are a sub-culture unto themselves. Had Springers and then after breaking everything in my ankle switched to Corgis. Couldn’t run fast enough to show Springers unless someone was chasing me. It’s quite an endeavor and takes lots of stamina and commitment, as does anything worthwhile. Won’t mention $$$$$. Greyhounds are a lovely breed. Good luck with them. And luck with your sweaters. I’ve done lots of flat work over the years and now I find my gauge is so relaxed I have to go down 3 needle sizes to get gauge. That strikes me so funny because I’m so tense at doing everything else! Jean

Nope. 6 hours from Ontario in IL. Used to take a bunch of dogs in my van and go for a weekend of shows with others to share expenses. Great times! How do I find you on ravelry? Went to the site but couldn’t find “The knitter”. Doing something wrong? Jean

If it’s me you’re looking for, you have to look for TheKnitter (just like that). Good luck!