? for Ingrid--pattern for beginner tank top

Ingrid, you posted a link on here recently for an easy summer tank for a beginner–now I can’t find it! Thanks if you remember what I’m talking about.

Could it be this thread?

Nope, that wasn’t it–I remember she said something like, ‘here’s an easy beginner one finally’

Thanks though.

Could it have been Soleil? I’m about 1/2 way done knitting it and so far it’s a piece of cake. :slight_smile:

:thinking: I’m not sure that it was me. I haven’t knit a tank recently or plan to, soon. Carolina red is our pattern queen, if she didn’t post it, she’ll know where to find it.

Was it this post by momwolf? :thinking:

Or this post?

Or this?

Jackie F - that’s it!! Thanks, and I apologize. It was carolina red and not Ingrid!! Sorry Ingrid! and thanks carolina red for posting that tank pattern.