For Funsies: What's your favorite dishcloth pattern?

Just out of curiosity…
And you can include anything in the dishcloth realm: face cloth, dish cloth, hand towel, etc.

*Why is it your favorite?
*Which pattern is the most fun?
*Best looking?
*Most useful/long lasting?

I don’t have one because (as you may have guessed) I’ve never really knit them! But I’m about to CO…what pattern I do not know. :happydance:

ETA–post pics or links if you can! I started with this:

About this time last year I had making two sets from a pattern I found in…maybe Creative Knitting. The pattern was called “Spa Face Cloths” and it included:

–One basket weave
–One seed stitch
–One diagonal w/yo border
–One striped (intarsia) with the three colors above (a dark blue, light blue, yellow) plus a natural/off white.

The first set I made out of Berroco Touche because it was very on sale at LYS. Very nice to work with. I got stingy with the second set and made them out of Sugar and Cream. Ugh! Awful! That stuff has no give. The first set I would be sad if my friend actually used (she won’t, she’s sentimental like me) but I hope the second set get used to clean bus station toilets!

The first one i made was using illusion knitting. The fleur de lis pattern looks like stripes from straight on, but on an angle the design looks pretty intricate. And it is very easy - just switch colors every two rows. I think i found the pattern on kpc.

There’s a really cute Log Cabin dishcloth a ways down on this website. I think that’s my favorite. I’ve made it several times. It even had a little teeny purl stitch door knob! :wink:

At the risk of sounding REALLY boring, my favorite is the Grandma’s Favorite pattern. It’s easy, you don’t have to carry a pattern with you and it’s a workhorse if you are going to use it to clean counters.

I’ve been wanting to make the Mason-Dixon Ball Band Warshcloth; just haven’t had the time yet. I love the way they work in sections of other colors. It’s so…artsy.

Thanks for all the great cloths!
I gave up for tonight…I forgot how much I HATE working with Sugar’n Cream. :wall:

The valentine dishcloth is cute too!

Does anyone know if washing the Sugar n Cream cotton yarn in hot water and then drying in dryer will shrink much? Thanks to all at this site who submitted various dishcloth patterns – they are great! I am having fun trying different patterns with the sugar n cream cotton yarn. But now I am wondering about the hot wash. I read the label and cool water is recommended, but using these as dishcloths, I really prefer to use hot water and be able to dry in dryer. But of course I don’t want them to shrink to postage stamp size either. Thanks for any input you may have.


LOL, I know it! They should call it Alfalfa and Cardboard! Or maybe they should just be more clear that Sugar N Cream means that they sopped up some spilled sugar and cream with the yarn, then wound it up and put it on sale.