? for Einstein coat knitters

Have you found that the coat has stretched/grown very much? I’ve read where some have not had it grow at all, some about 3 inches, while others yet about 6 inches. My next question is: can I pick up stitches for the collar and just keep on going and make it into a hood? I’ve never done a hood, and was thinking that if I knit the collar long enough, maybe I could just do a three needle bind off in the center of the hood and it would look alright??

I think the hood would be too narrow and confining if you just continued the collar straight up. If you added some increases around the face and then narrowed it again at the top of the head it could work. You could also knit a separate hood and graft it to the collar.

Here are some ideas for adding a hood to a sweater.

My Einstein isn’t finished yet but I’m making it a bit shorter to compensate for any stretching. The fabric (I’m using Lopi) seems pretty firm and stable; I’m not expecting a whole lot of stretching. The only place it would bother me would be at the shoulders and sleeves, so I’m planning to reinforce those with ribbon strips.

Thanks Knitasha! I have finished my Einstein except for the hood. I too made it much shorter, especially the top part. When you’re not very tall, it’s difficult to be able to carry off a much longer coat! I thought I’d have a big problem with the sleeves being too narrow, but surprisingly I don’t.
Thanks bunches for the hood info also. I’ve got another hoodie on the needles, but it’s yet to be completed. That hood is just one long rectangle, which is why I thought I’d be able to do something similar with the einstein, but I can see where it would be too narrow.