? for Combination Knitters

So I wonder for combination knitters, what do you do when you knit in the round to make stockinette? Or when you work garter stitch flat? I know the stitches will be twisted if you only knit in the back loops through (ask me how I know), so do you alternate rounds of back loop and front loop knitting, or what?

combination knitters (i am one) learn to knit the stitch as it lies.

If i tink or frog, and some of my stitches get twisted, its no matter.

i just work the stitch (knitting or purling) into the leading edge, sometimes that edge is in the front, sometimes it is in the back. NO matter.

if i am working in stocking knit, in the round, or garter on straight needles, i just work the stitch as it lies. (ie i knit into front, not back half of the loop)

I always say Combo knitting is harder (thought wise) and easier physically.

to knit combo, you have to be able to see your stitches, (know a knit or purl) and see how they are mounted on the needle. and then make the decision on how to work the stitch.

with European knitting, you have have all your stitches mounted in one direction, and then sometimes deal with wroking a more awkward purl stitch. (Less thinking, more work)

okay, thanks. i think i got it. i’m not sure what it means to be a “leading” edge of a stitch. does that mean the one that is just leaning more toward the right needle? in that case, we non-combo knitters also knit and purl our stitches as they lie, right? anyway, i get that for knitting in the round you just knit through the front loops.

the only reason i asked really is because so many advocate knitting combo for ribbing to make your knit stitch before purl stitch look less wonky. i wondered if combo knitters had some secret trick of doing this when doing ribbing in the round.

actually, i was originally taught to knit by doing stockinette combination style.

Yes, yes (although the leading leg is pretty much always in the front), and yes.

When doing ribbing in the round, the knit stitches are worked “normally” and the purl stitches are worked through the back loop (which will be the leading leg).

I have Annie Modesitt’s book (Confessions of a Knitting Heretic), for I am also a combo knitter, and she says that for knitting St in the round or garter flat, just knit normally (Continental/English) whatever is the better method for you.

In combination knitting, the purl stitches are the only ones that are made by wrapping/scooping the yarn a different direction than normal. Making knit stitches combi is a lot like making them continental and they’re not twisted at all.