? for CALORIMETRY knitters

This is next up on my TBK projects and I’ve already decided not to cast on the full 120 stitches called for in the pattern. I’m thinking about 100 but was wondering if this will affect any other part of the pattern? How did everyone else adjust for their smaller calorimetry ???

I used Patons SWS (a slightly heavier worsted weight yarn) and only cast on 80. It was still quite big, so I’d cast on fewer (in multiples of 4) if I did that pattern again.

The cast-on number really doesn’t affect the pattern - just work to the last 2 stitches.

Thanks so much. I’ll be using Lorna’s Shepherd worsted, so I’ll start with the 84 CO and see what happens.

Hi there.
I made one with sws and cast on 84, perfect for my head.
Also made one with Lion Woolease with the same CO amount and it was a bit big (have to button in the second hole in. But hey better be a little big than too small…
Have fun it’s a very quick knit!