For Beldie

Have you seen this?


har har har!!! I think she already has some of these…


Here’s my biggest kick:

…people with clean minds and young children won’t notice what these potholders resemble without being told.

Maybe this is true for the lid lifters, but not the, ummmm, handle holders :smiley:

That’s as far as I can comment in PG13 mode…

I was thinking the same thing…how could you NOT know!!!

What is it? I just don’t seem to see it halo

Thank you for posting that - I needed a laugh!

This could also be a cozy for your um…personal massager.

I don’t think Beldie’s would fit

I don’t think Beldie’s would fit[/quote]

You don’t think this would fit? :shock:

What if I use bigger knitting needles? :?


[size=7] omg! [/size] :shock: