For a Make 1 I did knit in the front and back of the stitch

after doing about 5" of it I realized that maybe I should have not done the knit in the front and back of the stitch but to increase by knitting the stitch from the row below picking up the loop (I don’t remember what its called but I learned how to do it a while ago!)
I’m so mad! Do I have to take it all out??? or is the knit in the front and back acceptable??

And…it says “continue neck shaping on right side 9 more times (which I did) at the same time continue raglan shaping until raglan measures 8” …my raglan only measures about 6" so …
do I need to continue the raglan (without doing the increases) at this point until I reach 8"???

As long as it looks fine to you and you have the correct number of stitches, it doesn’t matter. Changing the increase from M1 to kfb can sometimes throw off where the increases occur because kfb uses a stitch in the increase and M1 does not, however, if it’s the Sunkist Cardi neck shaping that you’re talking about you should be fine.

And yes, continue the raglan shaping without the neck shaping until you reach 8".

thank you! Well I looked at it for about a half hour…trying it on attempting to see this mistake (or not see it) but I decided that I wouldn’t be happy knowing it was there…so I took it out and started over!! Live and learn!
Thank you for the advice – now I know what to do for the 8" part.