Football team hat & scarf advice please

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My first post and I do apologise if it has already been asked - still finding my way around the site so please boot me in the right direction if necessary :slight_smile:

I have just knitted a really basic but lovely scarf for my daughter from advice given by lady in my local wool shop. K2 P2 every row until desired length reached using Wendy Viva chunky yarn on US size 15 (UK 10mm) needles. Added a fringe to bottom and it looks great.

Now, however they think I can manage some more scarves (and hats) in their Rugby & football team clolours and I’m not so sure about this. What type of yarn, what size needles and more to the point how do I do stripes easily. I know its a basic thing but my confidence in my skills is a bit lacking and I would really appreciate any thoughts/advice you could offer to kick start me into action.
Here is an example of the Wasps Rugby scarf and hats although I can really design any type as long as it has the team colours of Black and gold.
Any advice will be most appreciated.

That last one looks a bit like this one…

You could change the colors and tweek it however you want to… but i bet if you follow the directions just for the KNITTING part, you could come up with a close replica…I made this one for my daughter this year…it turned out pretty cute.

the scarf and hat might be found in the patterns section here on the KH website. Check them out and again you can change the colors however you want…But there are patterns for both hat and scarf all over.

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The scarf you’ve shown would have to be knit sideways. To do that you’d need to do a gauge swatch and the length you want and figure out how many to cast on.

You can always do team colors by just adding some simple stripes to a hat or regular scarf, too. Adding color is easy. You just start knitting with the new color and weave the ends in later.