Football playing Alpaca

I saw this cute article on an alpaca who practices football with a boy that lives on a farm with it. Click the link that says “Rory in Action” to see more cute pictures!

yikes. I hope he doesn’t get hurt!

:smiley: OMGoodness…LOL, he looks like he knows exactly what he’s doing, too :smiley:

LOL!! :roflhard: That’s so great. Thanks for sharing :smiley:


Photo 6 looks like its been photoshopped in tho =P

Not really… I think it’s just the way the shot was focused. I’ve managed to mess with the settings on my digital camera and got an action shot to look like that. I couldn’t do it again, though. :wink:

That is just way too cute! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I know that it isn’t actually photoshopped but it does look like someone stuck him in there on that shot. I thought it looked funny (funny ha ha not funny odd / fake). All the other photos stand up as testaments to the reality of it - I wasn’t questioning the story or the photos just saying that that shot looked funny :wink: