Foot sizes?

I want to knit socks for a friend (this will be my first serious sock project! :woot: ), but some patterns that I’ve found don’t tell you the actual size of the sock you’re making (e. g. US 7), but instead tell you “Woman’s size M” or “Men’s size L”.

Could anyone provide what “Woman’s size S/M/L/XL” and “Men’s size S/M/L/XL” mean in numbers? (My friend’s foot size is US 8 1/2 - US 9)

You might try The Sockulator. It’s helped me quite a bit on men’s socks.

This foot size chart may also help you. I think the 3 women’s size ranges would be S M L and the 4 men’s would be S M L XL

Does this help?

I made this sock

Handy cause they kinda are made for the guy you are not sure about…

This always works for me, but maybe it’s just because of my own personal sock knitting gauge, but if her shoe size is an 8 1/2, when you are doing the foot part knit 8 1/2 inches from the back of the heel and begin your toe decrease.

I’m a US size 7 shoe. I knit 7 inches from the heel for the foot length then begin the toe decrease.

This has worked for me for everything from a size 5 to size 10 foot for women and men. The only difference with men’s socks is that I use more stitches. I’ll use 64 for women and 72 for men or multiples thereafter depending on the pattern.

Thanks for the sockalculator and the chart! Will be useful for this and future socks!

I think that US footsize numbers reflect the number of inches the foot measures. I’ve measured my foot and it’s the same as my size :smiley: (9’’).