Fooled by the pattern

I seriously think I have been fooled by this pattern to believe that I’m knitting mittens I’ve stopped at row 9 and the rest doesnt make sense to me and I dont even know where the thumb gusset is. this will be my first mitten.

Two Needle Mittens Knitting Pattern
Knit by Carole Schmidt

they’re supposed to look like this

The thumb gusset starts with Row 5 where you increase in the front and back of the same stitch.

Once you’ve gotten through the first mitten it won’t seem so confusing.


Post a link instead of the entire pattern. You can also post a few lines from a trouble spot in a pattern.

I found a similar pattern but it asked to put a stitch holder on the needle, since this patter I’m working on didnt ask for a stitch holder and im way past row 5, and Im not sure what to do after row 9 what do I do? …I might have to wait till tues and ask the librarian for help.

How does it say to handle the thumb gusset? Not all patterns have you put sts on the needle for it.

It doent go into details about thumb gusset. it say row 5 is the begining of the gusset but I dont see anything and I’m on row 9

On row 5 you do a couple knit into front & back of stitch - this is the beginning of the gusset - the stitches between the increases will be the thumb. then on row 7 you do a couple more KFBs - you’re still increasing for the gusset. You repeat rows 7 & 8 until you ahve 36 total stitches - all those KBF are increasing for the thumb gusset.

You will likely keep increasing for a few more rows, then the sts will be put on holders or something for the [I]thumb[/I]. The [I]gusset [/I]is the V shaping that occurs before you have enough sts for the thumb. Just keep going, and you can read ahead in the pattern to see what happens next.

The thumb gusset is, like other’s said, all those increases between the purl stitches.

So, if I’m reading you correctly, you’ve reapeated rows 7 and 8, purled on row 9, and the line giving you trouble is:

Next Row: Follow S1, K1 pattern to and including first p st. Work in pattern across next 8 sts of thumb. Turn. CO 1 st and p across - 9 sts. Turn. CO 1 st - 10 sts.
Work in pattern on these 10 sts to 2 rows less than required thumb length.
K2tog across row.
P2tog on next row.

Yes, that is knitting the thumb, and no, you don’t need to move anything to stitch holders, because you using short rows to create the thumb.

So, on the right side, you knit across one side of the hand in pattern, then you’ll come to the first out of pattern purl stitch (all of your increases for the gusset start here). Now work those increased stitches, 8 of them, in pattern, but not the purl stitch that comes at the other side. Turn your work. You will still have all the “hand” stitches still un-done, and that’s ok, this is a “short row” because you are turning before the end of the row. Cast on one stitch, then knit only those 8 again - those 8 plus the cast on gives you total of 9 thumb stitches between the purled stitches. Cast on again, to give you 10, then just knit only those 10 stitches - the 10 that are now between the purled stitches until it is almost long enough to cover your thumb, then do the 2 decrease rows.

After that the instructions tell you how to sew the thumb so your working yarm ends up right back where you need it to finish the hand part of the mitten :slight_smile: