Font Directory?

Is there any way I can print out something that shows what all my fonts look like? I used to have a program, Print Artist I think it was called, and it enabled you to print a “booklet” of all the fonts. It makes it so easy to choose a font for a project if I can “see” all of them at once.


I use The Font Thing and it’s awesome! It has screenshots at the link to check out, too. You can type in some text that you might want to use and see how it looks in all the fonts or just see an overview of the alphabet. Really…it’s amazing!

Oh… I don’t know if you can print, but I’ve never needed to since I can see them all on my computer like this. You might be able to though.

Woo hoo! Awesome! Thanks!

If you have IE you can just go into your control panel and hit your fonts folder. It brings up a page with all your fonts on your computer. If you double-click one, a box will pop-up with what it looks like in various sizes. It also has a print function.