following (several) alternate rows

I’m knitting a sweater I knit a few years ago and this time I can’t figure out the neck shaping. I’ve seen similar questions here, but not quite the same. (I’m leaving out precise # of stitches where it doesn’t matter.)

“Knit (#) stitches, and turn, leaving rem (#) its on a holder.
Dec 1 stitch at neck edge of next 4 rows then on foll 2 alt rows then on foll 4th row”.

Does this mean the first decrease is immediate (next to sts on holder, same row)? And does it mean 4 decreases at start of row on neck edge, then on each second row, then on the 4th row?

When combined with the every-other-row decrease on the armhole side I end up with too few rows. Thanks!

What is the name of your pattern?
Decrease immediately after the turn. Yes, make the decreases at the start of the row at the neck edge (rows 1,2,3 and 4 the rows 6 and 8 and finally row 12. You can make the decreases one or two sts in from the neck edge if you wish.
Does your pattern specify that the neck and armhole decreases will end on the same row? The decreases at the neck edge may not necessarily end on the same row as the armhole decreases.

Hi salmonmac,
The pattern is Rainbow Cardigan by Paintbox Yarns The raglan sleeve side is pretty straightforward at this point with decreases every other row. I found one error I’d made earlier by starting the first stripe two rows too soon. I think if I chart it out (which I apparently did the last time, judging by the messy notes all over the pattern) I’ll be OK. It’s the “following” that trips me up.

Maybe if you replace “following” with “next” it would help? The designer or editor may have thought that saying the next 4 rows and then the next 2 rows would be confusing but if it helps you, give it a try.
Hope it goes well because it’s such a cute pattern. We’d love to see a photo when you finish!