Following Pattern Question

I am attempting to knit my first sweater, and have reached a point in my pattern that confuses me. My piece is now 16" and I am not sure whether I should bind off 1 st at beginning of the next two rows of English Rib Stitch, or bind off 1st at the beginning of the next two raglan armhole pattern. Please help guide me as to which is correct. You can find the instructions below:

Welcome to KH. Good job getting this far on your first sweater.

Bind off 1 st at the beginning of the next two rows. Keep working in the rib pattern and do the decreases as instructed on the following rows. Binding off the two stitches will begin the armholes.

Just a bit of fyi - the pattern does a really nice thing for you by telling you to work the increases one stitch in from the edge. That makes for much easier seaming, and it will look better too. Happy knitting!