Following odd/even numbered rounds?

Hello! Quick question regarding directions included in a pattern.

I’m working on my first knitted stuffed animal, and most of the abbreviations and instructions are included. However (and this might be a ridiculously stupid question) some of the instructions say things like, “[B]And following odd-numbered rounds: K all,[/B]” or sometimes it says “[B]even-numbered rounds[/B].” Could someone tell me what this means? I know what K all means, obviously, but where do the even/odd rounds come in?

Thank you!

if it says ‘and all even rounds’… like, “row 2 and all even rows, knit” then you knit on row 2, row 4, row 6, row 8, etc all the even numbered rows.

same with multiples of rows… like, if it says to “purl round 3 and every 3rd round after” that means purl round 3, then round 6, then round 9, etc. all the multiples of 3.

hope that helps :wink:

Hi and welcome!
It may help to put a stitch marker into round 1 or round 3 so that you can keep track of the odd numbered rounds. This can be as simple as a loop of scrap yarn or a safety pin. Anything that will help you if you need to count rounds.

A mini row counter is an awesome tool to keep track of your rows I got one last Christmas and it’s been really helpful