Following multiple asterisks in same row.

My wife is having trouble following knitting instruction where there are multiple asterisks in same row. First asterisk ()…then two (**)…followed by single asterisk () then …two (**). There are stitches instruction within each space. She suspects pattern is in error. Any comments, observations and solutions would be appreciated.


Hi, Marv. This is a great place to ask your question. This sounds like a repeat within a repeat. What pattern is she using? If we can see it it’s easier to help. If it’s a paid pattern then posting the line of instructions exactly as it appears in the pattern is OK. Knowing the pattern can still help as seeing the photo provides info also.

The entire row of instructions from * has to be repeated but doing it once involves doing whatever is inside the ** ** to be done however many times called for, the same with ** **.

Someone will be able to help decipher the code!

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