Following help

what does it mean when a patteren says
work 17 rows inc 1 st at each end of next and foll 16th row.
I started with 15 stiches and end at 19… so if I’m knitting 17 rows isn’t that 8 or 9 increases? and what does following mean?



work 17 rows on 15 stitches
inc each end of 18th row 17 stitches
work 15 rows on 17 stitches total 33 rows
inc each end 16th total 34 rows, voila! 19 stitches :cheering:

Following means the rows or stitches after the ones they tell you to work.


Why can’t they just say that so i can keep track of the rows lol.

YAY now i can get back to my knitting!

:roflhard: I know that feeling all too well, Steph! :roflhard:

What are you knitting? And when it’s finished, please put up a picture of it - we’d all love to see it!

Have fun!

Following means ‘after’ so this -work 17 rows inc 1 st at each end of next and foll 16th row - is to inc sts on the next row and every 16th row after that. They word it the way they do because it doesn’t take as much space to print in the pattern.

its a baby outfit. very cute! i will be sure to post it when I’m finished